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2 Years After Causing LeBron James’ Injury, Solomon Hill Uses Crass ‘Le****swallower’ Meme to Call Out Lakers Fans

Former Atlanta Hawks star Solomon Hill recently got into a back-and-forth with Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James fans on Twitter. Hill, who last played for the Hawks in the 2021-22 NBA season, has recently been very active on X(formerly Twitter). Speaking about his time with the Miami Heat, he posted a tweet recently that talked about his physical shape since playing for the franchise back in 2020.

Meanwhile, Hill was involved in a collision with LeBron James during a Hawks-Lakers game back in March 2021, which resulted in the Lakers vet suffering an ankle injury. As can be seen in the video, the Hawks star falling forcefully at LeBron’s legs twisted the latter’s ankles causing the injury. James ended up missing 20 games and the Lakers saw their playoff chances dissipate gradually, eventually leading them to the Play-in tournament.

On Hill’s X thread, a Lakers fan talked about the LeBron incident in a response to the Miami tweet, claiming that Hill no longer deserves a spot in the NBA owing to what he did. Solomon Hill was quick to respond and chose a crass one-word expletive as his ad-hominem rejoinder. “lec***swallower,” mocked Hill, calling out the fans for standing up for LeBron. This led to a lengthy back-and-forth between the former player and multiple LeBron James fans. 

When users claimed that Hill no longer deserved to play in the NBA, the 32-year-old suggested that he had already done enough as people on Twitter already knew where he worked previously, obviously referring to his time in the league, and in Atlanta, particularly.

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While there was obvious anger amongst the Lakers supporters, Hill claimed that he himself respected and loved LeBron James ‘probably more’ than the fans in question. Regardless, the former NBA star did not shy away from any of the accusations, and even claimed that he had no intention of insulting anyone. 

The player himself appears to have long moved on from the incident. His unapologetic stance and claims of being a LeBron fan himself suggests that the incident was merely a result of an in-game mistake, even if most Lakers fans on the thread did not appear to agree.

LeBron James’ collision with Solomon Hill costed LA Lakers big time

The Lakers were in La-La land and had gotten off to a dominant start to the season, being the defending champions. With both AD and LeBron firing on all cylinders, the Lakers were off to a 28-14 start and one of the favorites for the Championship.

However, the tangle and collision with Solomon Hill led to a 20-game layoff for LBJ and James playing through pain for the rest of the season. With Anthony Davis also picking up multiple injuries, the Lakers suffered in the latter stages of the regular season and could only manage the 7th seed in the Western Conference.

Hill had taken to Twitter after the incident as well and claimed that he had no intention of purposely injuring James, according to Bleacher Report. The then Hawks star said that he himself was praying for a quick recovery for LeBron, which did not actually happen.

Regardless, LeBron himself was focused on recovering even after the injury, and lamented the fact that he had a ‘grown man diving on his leg for a loose ball.’ LeBron himself said that he was playing some of the best basketball of his career before the injury, and was understandably frustrated, according to

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