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2 Years After ‘Squaring off’ Against Stephen Curry, $200,000,000 Worth Boxer Admits Doing Business with Warriors Superstar

Canelo Alvarez defeated Jermell Charlo at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night to retain his Super Middleweight title. The 33-year-old boxer dominated Charlo throughout the contest to reiterate his hegemony as the lb-for-lb Champion of the sport. Before Saturday’s clash, Canelo sat down for an interview with NBA insider Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson. During the interview, he revealed some intriguing facts about himself and admitted to doing business with Stephen Curry when he’s not fighting him on the golf course.

Stephen Curry doing something memorable on the golf course has pretty much become a staple at this point every summer. The Golden State Warriors Superstar has played golf with many celebrities over the years. But his interactions with boxer Canelo Alvarez in the greens have been rather contentious. The Dubs superstar has been seen squaring off with the $200,000,000-worth boxer on two separate occasions since 2020.

Canelo Alvarez names Stephen Curry as one of his golfing partners

During the interview on Saturday, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson asked Canelo if there’s any other sport that he loves watching or playing when he’s not in the ring. Alvarez didn’t hesitate before professing his evergreen love for golf. After asking the lb-for-lb Champ for his golf stats, Robinson wanted to know if there were any particular athletes in the celebrity sports world that Canelo likes watching.

The veteran boxer immediately named Stephen Curry, along with quarterback Tony Romo and tennis star Mardy Fish, as the guys he likes to watch out for on the golf greens. He also admitted that he did business with them on the golf course.

Steph Curry & Canelo Álvarez are good friends and do business outside of sports: “Really good friends and actually we all do business together. They say in golf that you that the real people are in front of you, so it’s a good place to get to know people!”

— Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson (@ScoopB) October 1, 2023

“I really play with Steph Curry and Mardy Fish and all the other guys. And they are my friends. They are good golfers too. We are really good friends. And actually we do business together,” said Canelo. “They say in golf you know the real people is in front of you. So it’s a good place to know people,” he added.

Canelo’s boxing matches with Steph Curry on the golf course

In 2020, fans got to see an exclusive boxing face-off between Stephen Curry and Canelo Alvarez during their time together playing golf. Despite their height difference, Alvarez managed to flick Curry’s hat as the four-time NBA Champion struggled to deal with the boxer’s lightning fast speed.

The video went viral on the Internet and prompted some laughs and giggles. However, Curry returned in the summer of 2021 with improved footwork and coordination to have a better shot this time. But the bout produced a similar result with Canelo barely having to break a sweat.


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