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27 Years After Criticising Michael Jordan’s $35,000,000 Contract, Dennis Rodman Accuses Father of Blatantly Seeking Monetary Help

The Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman had his fair share of off-court issues during his playing career. Rodman was known to have a problem with being “underpaid” by the Bulls. The Bulls defender was known to be jealous of Michael Jordan’s contract that earned him around $35,000,000 a season. Rodman was also known to have a lot of issues with money management and was a spendthrift.

He is known to have lost a major part of his net worth and is said to be worth around half a million as of now. The troubles with money appear to be continuing to this day. Regardless, 27 years after criticising Jordan’s contract, Rodman recently appeared for an interview on the VladTV YouTube channel. He expressed his disdain over his father Philander Rodman chasing him down only to ask for money to send one of his brothers to college.

Dennis Rodman expresses disdain over his father asking him for money

Rodman had a difficult childhood which was majorly due to his father abandoning him when he was little. Philander Rodman is known to be a US veteran and apparently has around 26-28 children with multiple women.

While Rodman is bound to be angry, things apparently got worse when his father tracked him down once. While the Bulls legend was under the impression that his father wanted to reconnect, he eventually realized it was so that he could ask for money:

“This kid was light-skinned, but he looked just like me. I was like, “oh my god. Wow, you do look like me.” So, he wanted me to put him through college and shit and I’m like, “Ohh man, that’s the reason you came chasing me down. That’s the only reason why. You don’t want to come meet me or know me.”

Rodman is evidently still harboring resentment towards his father. He went on to reveal that he has not been able to maintain a good relationship with any of his siblings.

Rodman went broke due to his spendthrift habits

Rodman was a downright party freak and had multiple issues both on and off the court. Apart from his spending, he would often attend late-night parties even in the middle of the season.

Considering the kind of background that he came from, his quick rise suddenly ended up hurting him in multiple ways. While there is little doubt that he still harbors resentment towards his dad, the reason he was not able to financially help his brother might not be related to only his father.

Instead, Rodman, who earned millions through his NBA career, is now worth only $500k. That might also be the reason why he decided to not send his brother to college.

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