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5 Years Before Dreading a Trade From Suns, Mikal Bridges Described How the Sixers ‘Ruined’ His Draft Night: “I Was P*ssed Off!”

Mikal Bridges was among the most consistent players on the Phoenix Suns’ roster. He was perhaps the most effective piece on both ends of the floor. He made the NBA All-Defensive First Team in 2022 and remained a consistent scorer with Chris Paul and Devin Booker. Bridges was on the latest episode of Podcast P with Paul George. After being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, he spoke in detail about getting dealt away by the Suns last season. Bridges also opened up about how, five years ago, when he was drafted, the Philadelphia 76ers ruined his night.

 Speaking on his trade to the Nets, Mikal said he didn’t believe that it was going to happen. He and Cam Johnson, who was traded to Brooklyn as well, used to speak about them being traded and joke about it. However, before the hype of KD’s move to Phoenix died down, they weren’t completely aware they had been traded away. But, the two stars eventually were eventually informed of their situation and were forced to come to terms with it.

Mikal Bridges recalls the frustrating draft night when he was traded from his hometown team to the Suns

In 2018, Bridges was initially drafted by the 76ers at number 10 overall. Being from the same city and having his mom already working with the organization, it was supposed to be the best night of his life. However, the feeling didn’t last long, as he was traded to the Suns before long. On ‘Podcast P with Paul George’, Bridges spoke about his frustration on the draft night.

“I was never like ‘I wanna go top ten’. Nah, it’s just like I wanna go to the NBA. And having that dream happen,  and actually being very pissed off. That took me days to get over it. But that night, it was so funny because I know how I smile and my facial expressions. If you see the picture I got with the Phoenix hat on, I’m with the fakest smile in the world. I was pissed off and I had the excuse I am like ‘Oh I got an early flight tomorrow. I gotta go all the way to Phoenix.’ But I was like man… I was pissed off man.”

The heartbreak of missing the chance to represent the city they grew up in can be heartbreaking for any athlete. However, the star player made a name for himself during his time on the Suns. After a bright start in Brooklyn last season, he is expected to lead the Nets’ offense in the next campaign.

Bridges had an immediate effect on the Brooklyn Nets after the trade

After being traded to the Nets, Mikal had an immediate effect on the team’s performance. In only his third game in a Nets uniform, he recorded a 45-point game, a career-high in a win over the Miami Heat.

He finished the year as the team’s top scorer with over 26 points per game. With him as the biggest threat on offense and defense, the Nets finished the season with a solid 45-37 record. Despite there initially being no hope of a respectable season, Brooklyn made it to the playoffs, finishing the campaign in the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference. Bridges also continued his streak of not missing an NBA game since he was drafted.

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