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57 Year Old Michael Jordan Dunked On Children 10 Years After $600,000,000 Worth Jay Leno’s Disrespectful Question

There is a reason why Michael Jordan is called “His Airness”. In the 1988 Slam-Dunk Contest, when the Chicago Bulls legend took a flight from the free-throw line to dunk the ball, the crowd lost its mind. Despite many still considering Vince Carter the GOAT of dunks, Jordan was an artist at dunks. As far as the age factor goes, it is just a number for legends. Perhaps Jay Leno, the TV host, forgot that. On his talk show, Jay asked MJ if he could still dunk at his age.

Then 47-year-old, Michael Jordan labeled it a stupid question, and it wasn’t worth asking because he could obviously dunk. One thing that any basketball fan knows; Michael Jordan never forgets if he takes it personally. A decade later, at 57, the six-time NBA champion proved Leno wrong by dunking in a video.

While “The Jumpman” appeared on the big screen, he answered bullet questions from the host. However, it seems like Leno, whose net worth is around $600 million, forgot who he was asking questions. He asked Michael if he could still dunk. MJ immediately replied in surprise, “Are You Stupid? Can I Dunk?” He later labeled it a “dumb question”. 

Michael Jordan gave his answer to Jay Leno a decade later and it was perfect

A decade later after appearing on Leno’s late-night talk show, Jordan visited a kids’ basketball camp. The level of competition he has and his zeal to prove anybody wrong who ever doubted him surpass everything in Mike. Perhaps for Jordan, this was the moment to give his answer to the TV host. In the video, Jordan is defended by a kid, who is barely his waist height. In his vintage style, the former league MVP took the ball in his right hand, rotated his hand over the kid’s left and took a few dribbles to dunk the ball into the basket.

The mere knowledge of Jordan dunking at age 57, it’s is easier to guess why His Airness called the question dumb.

Jordan humiliates Charlotte Bobcats’ starters at age 47

When you are as good as Michael Jordan, age is just a number. MJ bought the Hornets in 2010, and since then he worked closely with the players before he decided to sell the team in 2023.

A video showed Jordan getting frustrated in the stands, lightly slapping Malik Monk for a bad decision on the court. The former NBA champion usually has a very calm persona, until he comes to the basketball court, as if some spirit has gotten into his body.

Perhaps, something of this sort happened to Jordan in 2010. Stephen Jackson, the former player who played two seasons with the Hornets, recalled a legendary Jordan moment. After the Bobcats suffered an ugly loss, Jordan wanted to give them a lesson.

Stephen Jackson tells a crazy Michael Jordan story

— Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) (@shannonsharpeee) December 11, 2022

He suited up against the starters and still scored points against them. “He scored a couple of points to the point where he talked so much sh*t that he grabbed the ball and dunked one on the way out,” said Jackson. Basketball wasn’t child’s play for MJ, but he had the fire to push himself to another level, and that’s what made him the GOAT.

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