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Amid Concerning Standoff Between James Harden and 76ers, Knicks Gear up to Bag Joel Embiid by Trading Away Julius Randle and Other Key Players

Things are getting heated for the Philadelphia 76ers as the standoff between James Harden and the front office continues. Amidst this chaos, the New York Knicks have reportedly come up with a mega deal to land the 2023 MVP Joel Embiid in the Big Apple. Embiid has been with the Sixers since his Draft year in 2014. However, the Knicks are looking to change that in the middle of the Harden fiasco.

The James Harden trade saga seems to be making things extremely perplexing for Philadelphia. At the height of this drama during the off-season, it seemed Embiid was also hinting towards a move away from the Sixers. As Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported, Embiid could soon be in new colors if the Harden ordeal ends poorly for the Sixers.

The New York Knicks set to offer mega deal to land Joel Embiid

The New York Knicks are closely monitoring the situation between the Philadelphia 76ers and their star point guard James Harden. While this chaos also brings a huge question mark on Joel Embiid’s future, the Knicks would not leave this chance to grab a great opportunity.

Keith Pompey reported on X that New York is ready to offer a package with three key players between Julius Randle, R.J. Barrett, Evan Fournier, and Mitchell Robinson- in exchange for Embiid. The package includes a trio from this group, who would be paired with two or three first-round picks.

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Though Joel Embiid seemed to be losing trust in Philadelphia’s ‘process’ during this ordeal, the Cameroonian star has never explicitly mentioned his desire to leave the Sixers. In this condition, the Sixers must be wary to land a trade deal for Harden, keeping them in title contention. However, if this lands poorly, then perhaps Embiid could be seen taking his Championship aspirations to another destination.

The New York Knicks are among the teams hoping that the Sixers slip in this situation. Just last season, the Knicks emerged as a dark horse in the East with Jalen Brunson leading them from the point. Though a formidable Miami Heat team eliminated them in the 2023 playoffs, this season brings new hopes for the New York side. Perhaps, landing Embiid would be like adding a cherry to the cake of their championship aspirations.

Is ‘The Process’ for the Sixers working?

An interesting fact about the Sixers team is the nickname fans associate with the team. While teams such as the Lakers and the Pistons were once referred to as the ‘Showtime Lakers’ or the ‘Bad Boys,’ the phrase attached to the Philadelphia team since 2013 has been ‘Trust the Process.’ As of 2023, the process still seems to be in progress, more or less showing the chaotic nature of Philadelphia rebuilding itself.

This rebuilding process was the one that landed stars like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons on the team. Embiid’s early years in the NBA were somewhat wasted with injuries right since his rookie season. However, the 2023 season showed the Cameroonian to be extremely potent, and quite capable of leading Philly to title contention. If the Harden trade saga leads to the Cameroonian being traded away, perhaps one may call it an ‘end’ to ‘the process’ at Philly.

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