Compilation video of Dennis Bergkamp’s superhuman first touch is going viral

Dennis Bergkamp will forever be remembered as one of Arsenal’s greatest ever players.

In fact, scrap that, he’ll be remembered as one of world’s greatest ever players.

‘The Flying Dutchman’ was blessed with a unique footballing ability and a level of game intelligence on par with the likes of Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff and Zinedine Zidane – now if that’s not an exceptional compliment, we don’t know what is…

Thierry Henry, though, he even took it a step further…

When covering the Champions League for CBS Sports in 2020, each player was asked by the presenter who was the greatest player that they ever played with.

The Frenchman gave a shocking response.

Kate Abdo asked Henry: “Who is the best player you played alongside?”

Henry instantly responded: “Dennis Bergkamp.”

A shocked Abdo replied: “Not Messi?”

Henry stood by his first answer: “Dennis Bergkamp. Is it quickfire? Dennis Bergkamp.”

It’s a pretty outrageous statement, to suggest that Bergkamp is a better player than his former teammate Messi. Or even Zidane, who he played alongside at the French national team.

But it’s actually not the first time Henry has made the remark. In 2015, he said in a Facebook Q&A, per The Mirror:

“Because of longevity, and because I saw him every day in training for seven years, Dennis Bergkamp.” Henry said.

“Because he was always doing what the game was asking him to do.

“I admired how Dennis was always trying to respect the game. He could score, but he could also pass and wait for the right moment.

“He was always trying to respect the game when he could do other stuff.”

It’s true, Bergkamp, like many Dutch purists, was skilled in the art of ‘the simple stuff.’

But that’s not to say that he couldn’t do the spectacular. As shown in this incredible compilation video that has recently gone viral on Twitter.

Pre-warning… the level of technique and skill on display in this video is so satisfying you made need to re-watch it about five to six times.

Dennis Bergkamp and his super human first touch!

— 90s Football (@90sfootball) May 20, 2022

What a ridiculously good footballer.

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