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'Conor Got Bent Over By The UFC' – Fans React In Disbelief To Conor McGregor's Pay & The Money He Made UFC

As a result of the Antitrust lawsuit that is ongoing between the UFC and some of the promotion’s ex-fighters, some very interesting financial figures were released.

Via Bloody Elbow, some of the biggest events in the promotion’s history had their key numbers revealed, including PPV buys, total gate and pay outs for the fighters.

Immediately, the eyes were always going to jump to one key aspect of the numbers in looking at how much the biggest star in the sport made during his prime years.

Whilst the figures Conor McGregor was paid for some of his fights might seem staggering at first, these are most of the biggest events in the 30 year history of the promotion.

Upon a closer look, there is a clear disparity between how much “The Notorious” pocketed for himself and how much the UFC earned through him.

Fans Take Issue With Huge Difference In McGregor’s Earnings Compared To What The UFC Made For Some Of His Biggest Fights

Fighter pay has been a bigger talking point in 2023 than in any other year in the short history of MMA.

The biggest point of conflict has been fighters being paid their worth versus the UFC taking a large majority of the earnings from each and every event and the McGregor figures outline this clearly.

In a post on X, MMAPauli wrote out all of the reported figures, adding them all up at the end to show a huge difference between what McGregor made for five fights in his career compared to what the UFC earned as a result.

In the replies, fans gave their reactions to the figures that clearly show how even the biggest name in combat sports today was earning a fraction of what the promotion took home.

“Conor got bent over by the UFC. Those numbers are atrocious.”

Conor got bent over by the UFC. Those numbers are atrocious.

— Trev (@giveaprogabone) November 3, 2023

Dana is worth over half a Billion. He does have a lot to do with the success of the UFC, but Jesus Christ the UFC is established and he has made his money! I don’t think it’s too much to ask to pay the fighters like 10-15 percent more. Especially those guys on the lower side.…

— mr brightside (@LaKer_Fanatic12) November 3, 2023

Conor was also a big factor in the UFC being sold for 4 billion. He's been massively undervalued by the company.

— Anto Williams (@AMLW212) November 3, 2023

The mayweather fight probs made it even anyway so he probs doesn’t care

— MASON (@m6sonnn) November 3, 2023

Some of the replies, however, defend the UFC on this front by stating that there could be other expenses and revenue sources that are not taken into account in these figures.

Can't really comment till all the costs of running & operating the physical event are taken into context + money spent on marketing the event, staff wages, I could go on and on and list expenses

— ChampCha (@ChampChaz02) November 3, 2023

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