Dallas Cowboys: ESPN analyst raises big concern despite rout of Minnesota Vikings

The Dallas Cowboys still have to solve one big problem if they are to be considered as possible Super Bowl winners, Dan Orlovsky has claimed. 

The Dallas Cowboys yesterday made franchise history, as they recorded their largest-ever win away from home against the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 40-3. What’s even more impressive is that the Vikings came into the game with an 8-1 record, which put them #2 in the NFC playoff picture, and the Cowboys wiped the floor with them.

With a score like 40-3, it almost counts as the perfect game on both sides of the ball. The Vikings were kept to just 183 total yards on offense, and gave up seven sacks to a Cowboys team that was already the league leader in sacks coming into the game. Meanwhile on offense, the Cowboys had 458 yards and 4 touchdowns. 

All of this makes you feel that the Cowboys might just have announced themselves as true contenders for a spot in the Super Bowl coming out of the NFC, but there needs to be some level of caution thrown into proceedings. 

Dallas Cowboys have had their disasters in the past

There have been a few times in recent years where the Cowboys have looked like they could do something when the playoffs come around, most notably in 2016 when they entered as the #1 seed in the NFC after going 13-3 in the regular season, before being bounced out in the 1st round at home by the Green Bay Packers.

And last year they suffered a similar fate, losing at home in the first round of the playoffs to the San Francisco 49ers despite having one of their best seasons yet and coming into the game having just put up 51 points over the Philadelphia Eagles the week before.

In what year did Jerry Jones take over the Dallas Cowboys?





But Dan Orlovsky believes that there is still one thing that worries him about the Cowboys, and that’s putting a run of wins together against quality opponents. Speaking on ESPN’s Get Up (starting at 1:53) as part of a discussion about what the Cowboys can do this year, Orlovsky claimed that he has yet to see them put up performances like the one against the Vikings on a consistent basis:

The question for Dallas is, can they do that for three or four straight weeks?

Orlovsky does have a point, because whenever it’s looked like the Cowboys might do something this year, something makes them grind to a halt, with their losses to the then-undefeated Philadelphia Eagles and the struggling Packers being good examples.

And whilst they might have got the win over the Vikings this week, it’s whether or not they can do that again and again, as their four-game win-streak earlier in the year included victories over the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, both of whom have losing records.

So that is going to be put to the test this Thursday on Thanksgiving against the 7-3 New York Giants, and if they can win that, then it might go some way to prove that the Cowboys are for real this year.

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