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Daniel Cormier Gave Henry Cejudo's Wife Important Advice Ahead Of His UFC 288 Comeback

Former Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo is set to make his UFC return this weekend. He announced his retirement from MMA after he defeated Dominick Cruz by TKO to retain the bantamweight title at UFC 249 on May. 9, 2020. He explained that he was ready to start a family and accomplish what he wanted. Almost three years later, Cejudo will come out of retirement to challenge Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288 for the UFC Bantamweight Championship on May 6. 

Sterling has openly questioned throughout the build to the fight that he doubts if Cejudo is serious about their fight. He also believes he will finish the bout in the second round and make the Olympic Gold Medalist retire again. While Sterling has questioned his commitment, Cejudo has shown training videos, including working with his former rival ONE Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson. 

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Henry Cejudo On His Training and What Daniel Cormier Told Cejudo’s Wife 

In an interview with Daniel Cormier, the former UFC Bantamweight Champion shared that retiring three years ago was the best decision as he married and has a daughter. He also announced on April 12 on Instagram that his wife is pregnant with their second child. However, Cejudo vehemently said he was fighting to become a champion. He showed a scar on his face to let Cormier know he had trained seriously for his matchup against Sterling. 

“… I’m taking this stuff seriously. Like, no, no, no, if you guys can hurt me, you guys are going to be compensated to hurt me. If you guys can throw some flying knee or elbow and catch me, congratulations, you just made $500. So this is a $500 scar right here,” said Cejudo.

Cormier responded, “I told your wife that. I said has he changed. She goes, ‘So much’ I said, well, physically, he’s changed, but I go mentally.” Cejudo laughed as Cormier talked, and Cormier jokingly referred to Cejudo as a pork chop. He continued, “…I said mentally he’s also changed. She goes, ‘He’s changed so much. His mindset is so much different in the regard that all you think about is this thing. You train, you come back, and you get your body ready to train again.’ She said she ‘had never seen you in a competitive state.’ She wasn’t there at the Olympics. She wasn’t there in the championships, so this is all new to her, and I told her don’t baby him because in order to do this, you have to be a killer, and she said that she ‘can see that in you right now and in your preparation.’”

It seems Cejudo is not taking this opportunity for granted and is trying to make history at UFC 288. He also shared in the interview that he wants to finish Sterling in the third round. Fans should expect a thrilling fight, as Cejudo and Sterling hope to get the stoppage in their long-awaited encounter this Saturday. 

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