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“Depending on a 39-Year-Old!”: DeMarcus Cousins Laments Lakers’ Over-Reliance on LeBron James, Looks Towards Supporting Cast

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently sitting at the 10th spot in the Western Conference table with a record of 3-4. Even though it’s still very early into the season, the Lakers aren’t looking too good, especially on the road. What’s even more concerning to many is the number of minutes that a 38-year-old LeBron James is playing to keep the team afloat. Doing so in his 21st season, King James is still leading the Lakers from the front while being the oldest player in the league. Discussing this issue, hosts of the Bully Ball podcast, Rachel Nichols and DeMarcus Cousins had a conversation about the changes that need to take place in the Lakers roster to help LeBron.

The conversation between Nichols and Cousins started with a question about the minutes that LeBron and AD were playing. Talking about the same, Demarcus Cousins said, “I believe this is LeBron James’s last year to compete for a championship. He will be 39 in December. The fact that you are dependent on a 39-year-old, regardless of how great he is, regardless of his legacy, regardless of his legend. 39 years old and you’re dependent on him to play 40 mins a night, and also be the main guy and be the main factor in you winning games. That’s just not a good sign.”

But it’s not all bad news for the Lakers, as they did pretty well in the last few trade deadlines and built solidly around Bron. Not only did they develop a lethal player in Austin Reaves but also signed guys like D’Angelo Russell and Christian Wood to assist in scoring and distribution. The majority opinion is that the bench and other role players have to step up for the Lakers led by Anthony Davis, and that’s the same idea Boogie Cousins had as well.

Talking about the importance of the bench to show up, Cousins added, “I do think that they have the talent to step up. To take a load off Lebron James, but that’s on the supporting cast to do so. I think Christian Wood has to be put in a better position to add to the offensive firepower that the team could have. That’s something that the coaching staff will have to figure out.”

LeBron James looks for support amid AD’s injury concerns

LeBron James has also expressed his desire to play fewer minutes. During the start of the season, the Lakers and LeBron had set James’s minutes at around 29-30 minutes a night. Hilariously, just a few weeks since then, LeBron has already averaged 35.9 minutes for the season.

But this isn’t the end of the Lakers’ problems. Anthony Davis, who has been surprisingly fragile since his transfer to the Lakers, is once again injured. During their recent match against the Miami Heat, Davis injured his hip and left the contest early.

But since then reports have surfaced that Davis will most probably be cleared for the Lakers’ upcoming showdown against the Rockets. This would present a great opportunity to the Lakers, as the Los Angeles-based team is yet to score a win on the road.

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