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“Did She Think That Was Kevin Durant?”: Dwight Howard ‘Hilariously’ Uploads a Repeat of Chris Paul-Rajon Rondo Incident With Himself and Suns Star

Dwight Howard has been recently very much active on social media. With Instagram being his choice of platform, he’s been posting a lot about his life. A little while ago, a fan happened to meet Dwight and took a picture with him. Posting it later on, she mistakenly tagged the wrong superstar, Kevin Durant instead. Reminiscent of the Chris Paul-Rajon Rondo years ago, Howard shared the post on his IG, trolling the fan for mistaking him for KD.

A few years back, Rajon Rondo was casually browsing around a shoe store when a fan whipped out his phone and started taking a video of him. Whether he was being serious or just joking around, no one really knows, but he then proceeded to claim Rondo was Chris Paul. Given their beef, it wasn’t surprising to see Rondo make a sour face at this suggestion. Now, history has repeated itself, only in a far more hilarious situation, and this time involving one of the greatest centers ever.

Dwight Howard trolls a fan who hilariously mistook him for Kevin Durant

Recently, Dwight Howard was caught by a fan while he was out and about. Insisting on a picture, the former three-time Defensive Player of the Year obliged and took a picture with the young fan. Hours later, it was posted on Twitter, but there was something off. Instead of tagging Dwight, the fan thought she had met Kevin Durant.

While both men are freakishly tall, the differences between them are obvious. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t for this young girl. However, rather than being angry at the situation like one normally would, Dwight found it hilarious. In fact, he retweeted the post and even took to Instagram, trolling her.

He pointed out to her that he actually isn’t the Slim Reaper. Instead, he decided to tell her and the world that he is Rick James. An obvious joke, that one can’t help but laugh at. He even shared it on his IG, with a cut out video of him on the side looking exasperated.

I’m Rick James not KD

— Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward) August 22, 2023


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A post shared by Dwight Howard (@dwighthoward)

Currently, he is plying his craft in Taiwan with the Taoyuan Leopards. But, hopefully, we can see him make a return to the NBA someday.

Fans cannot help but laugh as Howard is forced to correct confused fan

Clearly, the fan who took the picture with Dwight Howard was confused. And, with Superman being forced to correct the young lady, fans have been chiming in and giving their two cents. Most of them, however, are just there to laugh at the hilarious situation Howard has found himself in.

I’m dead af she know that ain’t him

— Uncle Mike ! (@RealEmDotJones) August 22, 2023

KD gon cook you when he sees this 😭

— ladidai 📣 go to @heyhearusout (@ladidaix) August 20, 2023

Dwight (or KD according to you 😂) after he sees this:

— Montana354 (@ToneMontana354) August 20, 2023

As some fans pointed out, it will be interesting to see just how KD responds to this whole situation. One can only hope he takes it as well as Dwight did.

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