FIFA ranking: Argentina is behind Mbappe, but he is behind Brazil

Argentina is having a good time. Lionel Messi, the 33-match unbeaten Albicelestera, has won the La Finalisima intercontinental title in 11 months of the Copa America. The effect of such a great time can not fall in the rankings?

The latest FIFA rankings have not yet been released, but Argentine media outlet TYC Sports has revealed what Argentina’s position could be there. According to them, Killian Mbappe, Karim Benzema and Lionel Scaloni’s team will move up to the top three in the next rankings. However, Brazil fans have nothing to fear about Argentina right now, Brazil is at the top.
It’s been a long time since the latest FIFA rankings were published. Brazil topped the rankings five years later, published on March 30, and Belgium, which made the top spot in the FIFA rankings a lot of ‘patrimonial property’. Three were France, four were Argentina. At that time, Argentina was at number four behind France (169.75 points) with 24.62 rating points.

According to TYC Sports, in the newly released rankings, Argentina (184) will move up 19 rating points from France to the top three of the rankings. Of course, that is normal. Where Argentina’s unbeaten run continues, the start of this year’s UEFA Nations League in France has been disgusting. Two draws, two losses in four matches. The 2018 world champions are at the bottom of the group made up of Croatia, Denmark and Austria.

Argentina have played just two matches since the latest rankings were released in March. Both matches are special, Messi beat Italy at Wembley on June 1 to celebrate La Finalisima, five days after Argentina’s incredible 5-0 win over Estonia, Messi scored five goals in that team’s Argentine captain!

With France’s sudden loss of form and Argentina’s consistency, Messi rising to the top three of the rankings, they still have a long way to go to catch Brazil at the top.

According to the report of TYC Sports, Brazil has 54 rating points more than Argentina! Belgium is 16 points ahead of Argentina.

According to TYC Sports, the next ten in the FIFA rankings will be:

Ranking Team Rating points
1 Brazil 1836
2 Belgium 1822
3 Argentina 164
4 France 185
5 England 1836
3 Italy 1818
3 Spain 1818
3 The Netherlands 189
9 Portugal 189
10 Denmark 185

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