Footage of fan headbutting a wrestler at an indie show is truly shocking

Worrying footage has emerged online of a fan ringside at an independent show in the US headbutting a wrestler on the show.

At an IWE Pro Wrestling show on Saturday evening, an unnamed fan didn’t like the way one of the wrestlers was acting.

Joe Black, who was playing the role of a heel during the show, was having some fun with people in the audience in his role as a bad guy, but one fan really didn’t like what he saw.

Videos have emerged online showing what happened with Black flipping off the hate of one of the fans, who responded in turn by headbutting the wrestler. A wild brawl then broke out between the two.

Another angle of the fan incident with Joe Black tonight.

— Cassidy Haynes of (@Casshooole) May 15, 2022

As of right now, details about what happened are limited, but regardless, the footage was rather shocking.

Fans have taken to social media to condemn the fan, saying no matter what a heel does on a wrestling show, you can’t get violent towards them.

This all comes after we’ve seen a few incidents of fans getting too involved with wrestlers during shows, including one on WWE Raw last year.

In November 2021, Seth Rollins was ambushed by a fan at a Raw show in New York, which you can read more about by clicking here.

According to reports, the fan was speaking to someone who was pretending to be Rollins online, and sent the account several gift cards in exchange for a start in wrestling.

Obviously, the person he was speaking to wasn’t Rollins, and this is something we’ve seen a lot more of in recent months.

— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) May 2, 2022

As can be seen above, Becky Lynch took to Twitter earlier this month to warn fans that WWE stars will never ask fans for money or gifts.

Lynch explained that she’d seen a great deal of examples of this happening with fans, describing the whole ordeal as “sickening.”

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