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Football Manager 2023: How to increase your transfer budget

Football Manager 2023’s beta is out worldwide, meaning that players can dive into the game and kickstart their managerial career.

The full game’s release date is November 8th and is coming to Xbox and PlayStation in addition to the classic PC release.

The new game features a suite of new features, and the Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, and Super Cup are all faithfully recreated in the game after Sports Interactive agreed a huge licencing deal with the European governing body.

One big question that always permeates the Football Manager community is this: How do you boost your transfer budget?

There are ways to do it, so you can add some cash into the bank and get spending on new players.

How to boost your transfer budget

There are two ways of doing this: The completely fair way that the game intends, or the cheating way.

Let’s get into the first one.

Of course, it should be said here that the success of these tips and tricks will depend on the club you’re managing; it’s much easier to generate cash at Manchester City than it is at Accrington Stanley, for example.

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Still, these are some of the best tips and tricks to boost cash reserves.

Sell clauses: If you’ve sold a player to a club and included a sell-on fee percentage that you will be due when the player leaves that club, you have the option of selling the clause. It could net you anywhere between £100k to £10m depending on the player’s value, and is instantly added to your budget.Edit the budgets: You can apportion wage budget money into your transfer budget. For example, if you have £300k p/w in your wage budget and £1m in your transfer budget, you can fiddle with the allocation and give yourself more room to manoeuvre when it comes to your transfer budget.Sell players: Obviously. You can shift the deadwood, although you aren’t likely to get full value for your players if you’re offering them out continually.Ask the board: This likely won’t work in your first transfer window but if you’ve shown that you can be trusted and perform well in the role, you can ask your board to increase the budget.Defer payments: This doesn’t boost the budget but it will help you get players in the door. You can offer a smaller initial fee and offer to pay the rest of the fee in instalments – you could sign a player for £20m, but it might only cost you £5m up front.

These are all of the above-board ways of boosting your transfer budget but you’ve got some strategies that you can use if you fancy bending the rules too!

How to boost your transfer budget (by cheating)

The steps here are pretty simple, too, and you’ve got two choices.

Let’s get into the steps below

Start a save with whichever club you want.When the game asks you to add another manager, do so.Take over at a club with a huge budget – we’d recommend Manchester City or Real MadridOnce you’ve done that, pick a young player in the academy with poor potential.Use all of City or Madrid’s budget to buy them.Confirm the deal.Resign from that club and return to the first club you picked, now over £100m richer.

This is a classic cheater’s trick, but it absolutely does work.

The other option you’ve got is to use the editor to boost your own budget but the editor isn’t currently out on the FM23 beta, so it can’t be used just yet.

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