Forget the South-North debate

There has been a lot of mudslinging around South India vs North India and Bollywood Hindi movies for a long time. The controversy has taken on a new dimension this year, with South Indian films like RRR, KGF 2 becoming superhits and several Hindi films including Midway 34 collapsing. From Mahesh Babu to Ajay Devgan open their mouths for and against. Several stars have already expressed their displeasure over the controversy. This time Aditi Rao Haider also joined that team.

Aditi’s comments on the South-North debate are important. Because, she is an actress who also works regularly in Hindi movies with South India.
Aditi is the daughter of the royal family of Hyderabad. Although he started his film career with Malayalam films, he is equally influential in the world of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. In a recent interview, Aditi opened his mouth about the fight between South and North. “We all work in the world of Indian cinema,” he said. Regional, Southern pictures, the application of these words should be stopped. Our identity as Indians is hidden in different cultures, languages, histories and more. A beautiful journey of Indian cinema has started. So this quarrel should be stopped.

Aditi hopes that forgetting the divisions, everyone will work to take the Indian picture forward, “I hope everyone in the industry will work together, shoulder to shoulder.” We will tell our story in the court of the world. I will tell a story so that the eyes of the whole world will be on us. When a beautiful, healthy environment is created, talented manufacturers will have more opportunities to showcase their talents. You can easily make your own picture. We don’t have to do much for this. Just keep your eyes open. We should be proud of that. But first of all we need to celebrate with ourselves what we have done for so many days. Let’s celebrate.

A few days ago, Aditi wore a gown on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. New news, he will be seen with Rajkumar Rao in wife 2 movie. In addition, he has several southern cinema works in his possession.

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