Gervonta Davis knocking out Rolando Romero in slow motion is pure boxing art

If there is one thing you have to watch today, then it is Gervonta Davis’ knockout of Rolando Romero.

The American lightweight beat Romero in what was generally a very contained affair – with the only exception being that one moment which made every fan’s day. 

For six rounds, the duo fought like two boxers who didn’t have any previous history or any verbal exchanges. It was all very professional, so to speak.

Then, as Romero had Davis on the ropes – literally – planning to throw a string of punches at him, he channeled his inner Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson all at once, knocking him out with just one blow; the perfect left hand counter. 

Romero didn’t have any answer to it. While it seemed brilliant in real-time, it is even better in slow motion, and we can’t thank Twitter enough for posting it. 

Look at the sheer ruthlessness of the punch. You could watch it over and over and over again and never be tired.

You would think now is the time for Davis to take that step up and fight the best in the weight class; Ryan Garcia. So far, the chances of that happening have been restricted, in part, by who his promoter is. It’s Floyd Mayweather, and yes, he is a pragmatic professional who aims for sensibility over sensationalism. 

With Davis’ deal with Mayweather Promotions now done and dusted, the big one with Garcia instantly comes into the equation. And no, he can’t avoid it anymore, otherwise, he will have to keep hearing more of what Romero said about him ahead of the fight.

“He’s been protected,” Romero told ESPN on Wednesday. “Let’s go down Gervonta’s résumé from the time he won a world title. [Jose] Pedraza, weight-drained 130-pounder. Liam Walsh, chinny, weak U.K. fighter. Francisco Fonseca, who [Davis] hit behind the head and knocked him out in the eighth round.

“Ryan Garcia knocked [Fonseca] out in one round like nothing. … [Yuriorkis] Gamboa, who had both [Davis’] eyes shut. Then he fought [Leo] Santa Cruz, who’s a 118-pounder who moved up to 126 then to 130 as a favor to [advisor] Al Haymon.”

Some moot points made. 

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