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“Got 17 Hanging”: Having Proclaimed LeBron James the 2nd Best Ever, $20,000,000 Worth NFL Legend Reminds Nuggets About Lakers Legacy

While the Denver Nuggets might have won the championship last season, $20,000,000 worth NFL legend Keyshawn Johnson showed full faith and confidence in the Lakers’ opening night game in the NBA. Claiming LeBron James to be the second-best NBA player ever on Undisputed, Johnson was confident in  Los Angeles beating Denver in the first game. As compared to Denver’s one championship, the LA Lakers have won 17, which Johnson proudly proclaimed while expressing his support for the team.

The Lakers play the Nuggets on the opening night of the season, wherein Denver is hosting their first-ever ring ceremony. Fans such as Johnson seem undeterred with such events taking place during the Lakers’ first away game. This is because they are confident enough that the Lakers roster is potent enough to spoil the celebrations for Denver.

Keyshawn Johnson seems confident that the Lakers will ruin the championship celebrations of the Denver Nuggets

The 2002 Super Bowl champion Keyshawn Johnson expressed his support for the Lakers while speaking to Skip Bayless on the Undisputed Show. Johnson believes that the Lakers can take advantage of the distracted Nuggets team and ruin their championship celebrations with an opening night win. Praising the Lakers’ historic 17 championship banners compared to Denver’s one, Johnson remarked:

“You won your first championship banner while we got 17 hanging. LeBron, Austin Reaves, is focused in on Game 1. Game 1 is gonna be a big thing. They’re gonna get the ring, they’re gonna get better, it’s gonna be all the hoobla. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Lakers won that game just because of the simple fact that they focused on something else. Now, that doesn’t mean anything, it just means you won the first game of the season. I’m sure Denver, and Mike Malone, their head coach, certainly understands what he said when he said and it’s gonna register throughout every single game when they play throughout the year. And same with the post-season, it will register there. In here, you have the right to say whatever you want. A lot of people say, act like a champion, act like you have been there before.” 

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Keyshawn Johnson seemingly had a spat with Skip Bayless following his outward support for the Lakers. The NFL legend considers LeBron James the second-best player on his list, ranking the four-time NBA champion over Kobe Bryant. This seemed like a violation for Skip Bayless, who called Johnson’s support for the Lakers and LeBron James as blasphemous.

The Los Angeles Lakers might have an overhauling outlook for this season

As the new season approaches, things seem to have changed in the LA Lakers locker room. The Lakers made some big moves during the last off-season by including some great talent into their roster. Furthermore, the baton of carrying the franchise ahead finally seems to be shifting more from LeBron James to other players such as Anthony Davis.

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During the NBA Media Day presentation, James claimed Anthony Davis to be the current face of the Lakers franchise. After signing a $186,000,000 extension this summer, Davis is expected to play a huge role in Lakers’ campaign this season. LeBron James seems very happy with this ordeal and extremely proud to share the hardwood with great talents such as Davis.

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