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Government launches new TV ad as part of energy saving campaign


new TV advert will encourage people to save energy as the Government steps up its public information campaign.

The ad comes as part of the Government’s £18 million It All Adds Up initiative, which was launched earlier this month to raise awareness of “straightforward” measures people can take to cut their bills over the colder months.

The 30-second advert, which will be screened during festive schedules from Tuesday, offers suggestions about how to cut bills and save energy.

The advert will air on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky and other television channels.

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It tells the public: “This is a 30-second ad. That’s not long, but it is long enough to do something that could save you money on your energy bills.”

Business and energy minister Lord Callanan said: “The Government’s It All Adds Up energy saving campaign is already getting important information out to millions of households across the country, showing them simple, low and no-cost tips to cut their energy use and bills this winter.

“Simple steps can make a big difference to cutting bills, while keeping homes warm and safe, and by launching this new TV advert, even more people will be aware and the savings will keep adding up for UK households.”

The advert, and the wider campaign, marks a break from the position of the previous administration, when an attempt to introduce a similar public information campaign was blocked over concerns the energy saving measures were too “nanny state”.

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted on Tuesday: “Keep an eye out this winter for the #ItAllAddsUp campaign, which is full of ways to help save on your bills.”

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