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'He Cut Me' – Mike Perry & Darren Till Reflect On Iconic 'Spa' Sparring Session

Perhaps no sparring session is more iconic than the time Mike Perry and Darren Till linked up for what was far from a spa day. Now, several years later, the two look back on this training session together.

It is safe to say that Perry and Till have had something of a love/hate friendship, bouncing between joking with one another and discussing a fight. It all began with a video that went viral in 2018, where the pair ran into each other on the streets, and had a miscommunication about the merits of whether they should have a spar or a spa.

Throwback to Mike Perry asking Darren Till to spar but Till thinks he says a “spaaaaaa”

— Connoisseur of Combat (@ConOfCombat) August 12, 2019

Mike Perry Cut Darren Till During Their Spar

Sure enough, Mike Perry and Darren Till would have themselves a sparring session, which has gone on to live a life of it’s own since being formed as a part of MMA mythos. However, there are still a lot of unknowns about the specifics of how this sparring session played out.

Some of those questions were answered when Perry and Till came face-to-face for an episode of the Overdogs Podcast. Here, Till quipped that his boxing was good enough to easily KO Perry these days, only for “Platinum” to counter by saying he had already tasted the Englishman’s power.

“My boxing’s been on fire as of late. I think I would knock you out with a jab. Like, that’s just me being real, bro. I don’t know, man. I think I’d knock you clean out with a jab,” Till told Perry.

“Yeah, when we sparred those years ago, your boxing, you had a good straight left, you had your Muay Thai hips, but I ate that straight left, because I wanted to feel it. Then I just got inside and boop boop boop boop boop,” Perry responded. 

The topic of discussion then shifted to the specifics of the sparring match, with Darren Till revealing that Mike Perry had cut him. They also gave insight into who they perceived the session’s so-called victor to be, sharing the differences in how each man views these training sessions.

“It wasn’t a war, we were both holding back. It was awkward training at a random time,” Perry said.

“Everyone asks who won,” Till added. “Let me tell you something. For the last six years, I have never once mentioned who won the spar, because I just think sparring doesn’t mean a thing. So, Mike cut me, actually. And then the guy came up and said that he thought I won, but I don’t carry any weight with that.”

“Well, that’s your choice,” Perry responded. “See me, I’ve been going into sparring for the past couple years, thinking there’s people there to watch. There are families, there are people who watch when I get in the ring at the gym, and they fucking stand there and, just like the fans at a show, they want to be entertained, and they’re going to make a decision mentally, even if they don’t say so, who won in their head. How is Mike looking? How did he do? Does he look like he’s ready for a fight? So I go into sparring with the mentality that it’s me or it’s you, and I’m winning every fucking chance I get.”

This was certainly an interesting discussion between these two former UFC fighters. Maybe one day, Mike Perry and Darren Till will fight each other in a way that is available for anyone to watch.

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