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How Is LeBron James Connected to NASCAR?

Gone are the days when NASCAR used to be one of the most popular motorsports series in the world. The sport is far from its heyday when drivers, who were famous across the United States, competed against each other, leading to one exciting race full of interesting incidents after the other. However, that doesn’t mean that NASCAR no longer has famous names attached to it. One such name is LeBron James.

Yes, LeBron James, the guy who is pretty good at basketball. Of course, there’s another big name from the NBA, Michael Jordan, who is attached to NASCAR as well. But Jordan’s involvement is much more known within and outside of the sport considering he’s a part-owner of 23XI Racing, one of the top teams in the Cup Series.

The involvement of James is also in a similar role, but perhaps not to the same degree as Jordan. LeBron James happens to be a part of Fenway Sports Group, the company that owns Roush-Fenway Keselowski Racing or RFK Racing. Along with NASCAR, the NBA icon’s involvement with FSG also makes him a part-owner in teams such as Boston Red Sox from the MLB, Pittsburgh Penguins from the NHL, and Liverpool from the English Premier League.

James recently reacted to a social media post from RFK Racing in which the team hinted at their paint scheme reveals for the 2024 season. “Can’t wait to see what’s cooking!!! @RFKracing ,” the NBA legend wrote.

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Over the last two years, RFK Racing has really emerged as one of the top mid-table teams in the Cup Series with Chris Buescher winning 4 times. It’s worth mentioning that 3 of those 4 wins came in 2023 alone, which only goes to prove the upward trajectory RFK Racing is on.

When Brad Keselowski took a shot at his future business partner LeBron James

In 2019, Brad Keselowski expressed his rather strong opinions about the use of private planes by drivers in NASCAR. The RFK Racing driver and co-owner defended NASCAR drivers using the ease of private planes by comparing the workload of a stock car driver in the Cup Series to someone in the NBA, someone like LeBron James.

“I understand that most people might not get that concept, but most people aren’t in the situation we’re in as race car drivers that travel every week. We don’t get to skip a week. We’re not like LeBron James where we get to sit on the bench or stay home for a week or whatever it is from other sports,” Keselowski said.

Keselowski claimed private aviation is “a great way” to fill the gaps between being there for your family and being there for your day job week after week for 38 weeks in a year. The #6 driver accepted that drivers may get “a black eye” for using private planes, but that’s something he feels very passionate and thankful for.

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