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“I Don’t Care About Their Team”: Kevin Durant’s ‘Disrespect’ Towards LeBron James’ Lakers in 100-95 Suns Loss Gets Leaked

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Phoenix Suns in their second game of the season. Led by Kevin Durant, the Suns lost by five points in a closely contested 100-95 game against LA. This was not the result that many had expected. After all, it should have been light work for the Lakers as Phoenix was without Devin Booker and Bradley Beal. As a result, it was a KD show from start to finish.

The Slim Reaper was chirping all night long, trash-talking the entire Lakers team. Scoring a whopping 39 points, Durant constantly reminded the Lakers that they could not guard him, as they relentlessly fouled him throughout the night. At one point, he even reiterated his superiority over the team, claiming he did not care for them whatsoever, as can be heard in a recently leaked audio recording.

Kevin Durant slams the LeBron James-led Lakers for their shoddy defense in leaked audio

The Lakers took home the win tonight in a tight affair against the Phoenix Suns. It took a fourth-quarter comeback for the Purple and Gold to seal the win. But this isn’t exactly something to be proud of, especially considering the state of the opposition.

Despite having the likes of Austin Reaves, Anthony Davis, and the King himself on the squad, the Lakers struggled against Kevin Durant leading the Suns’ offense. Phoenix chose to rest both Bradley Beal and Devin Booker, which meant that it should have been an easy night for LA. Unfortunately, it was anything but easy.

KD torched them from start to finish. With 39 points, 11 rebounds, and two assists, Durant outclassed both LeBron, who had 21 points, eight boards, and nine assists, and AD, who had 30 points, 12 rebounds, and two assists. In fact, some of the audio from the game was later leaked, where the Slim Reaper could be seen taking shots at the entire Lakers roster for their shoddy defense and their inability to contain him.

“They [the Lakers] don’t play defense. I don’t care about their team. They can’t handle pressuring me,” KD could be seen saying in this leaked video posted by LegendZ on X.

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Following the game, KD sort of backtracked on his previous trash-talk. While he did not praise the Lakers, he did commend King James. He spoke about how difficult it is to face him, and how he has looked up to him for years. Clearly, while the rest of the Lakers roster disappointed him, LeBron did not.

KD brewed up a storm when he faced Austin Reaves in the pre-season

Trash-talking is not something that Kevin Durant is a stranger to. While he isn’t the most vocal person on the court, he loves getting into his opponents’ heads, and the pre-season was no different. When the Lakers took on the Suns, Austin Reaves was the one in charge of guarding him. As expected, this didn’t end well.

In the 17 minutes he was on the court, Durant scored 21 points. At one point, he even approached the Lakers’ bench and told them not to have Reaves guard him in the next game. A statement, that Reaves agreed with, as he questioned what he could do against such an opponent.

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There can be no denying that the two-time NBA Champion is one of the best players in the world. And if you do not put your best defender against him, you will get burnt. Both on the scoreboard and in terms of trash-talking.

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