‘I got 6 captains in 6 months’ – Dravid’s joke

Rahul Dravid, known as ‘The Wall’ in his playing career, has been coaching the Indian national team for eight months. What was his experience in the dressing room after Ravi Shastri came to this position? Before the India-South Africa fifth T20 match, Dravid joked about his own experience.$QDzct

Dravid said, ‘The work of the coach is very exciting. Having great fun.
At the same time, the work is quite challenging. In eight months I got six captains. I didn’t have such a plan when I took charge (laughs). In fact, the number of games has increased a lot. Corona also has an effect. So I have to work with several captains. There is a fun in the matter. Many are getting the opportunity to lead. We are also able to create many leaders together. ‘
The captain of the Indian team is changing after a few days. Having trouble working? In response to such a question, Dravid said, ‘No. We are trying to do better. We have tried different people for eight months. The tour of South Africa was a bit disappointing for us in terms of Test cricket. In white ball cricket but our results are going well. The character of the team is emerging. ‘

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