If there was money, Barcelona would be in the team

Barcelona is hoping to get something better by leaving behind the nightmares of the recent past. Dreaming of forgetting everything and organizing the team to enter the field in the coming season. Sometimes they talk about buying Robert Lewandowski, sometimes they list Caesar Azpiliketa.

But Barcelona will not be able to buy everyone if you want! For this, they have to bring their income and expenditure in line with the salary structure of La Liga. Care must be taken towards the policy of financial consistency. Apart from this, the financial poverty of the club has to be overcome.

If everything went well, if there was enough money as a bank, Barcelona would have selected which players in the team this time? Let’s take a look at the players who are interested in Barcelona’s change of team, if they had the money they would buy now.

Barcelona’s biggest interest in the summer transfer window revolves around the Polish striker. Although Bayern Munich want to sign a new contract with Lever, it is not like the striker’s mind. Lewandowski doesn’t want to stay in Munich anymore. At the moment, Barcelona coach Xavi needs a consistent goal scorer. Who could be better than Lever in that case! He is 34 years old, but last season Leva scored 50 goals in 47 matches in all competitions.


It has been heard for a long time that if Usman Dembele does not sign a new contract with Barcelona, ​​Rafinia will choose Camp Nou on the right wing. The Brazilian winger also wants to play in Barcelona. Leeds United have little interest in keeping him. The English Premier League club will want to make some money through the Brazilian star. So to get Rafinha, Bar হবেa will have to go through a tough bargain with Leeds.

Barcelona is looking forward to get the French center back. But the bargain with Sevilla to get him will not be easy. They are in no hurry to sell the 23-year-old defender. With this change of team, they are releasing another center back of the club Diego Carlos. Sevilla will not be so keen to leave the rest of the defense. Kund’s current contract is valid for two more years. Sevilla would like to earn at least six and a half crore euros through a great rhythm.

Marcos Alonso

Barcelona need to start talks with Chelsea now to get this left back. The Spanish defender is looking forward to return to La Liga. But his future will be determined by Chelsea. The former Real Madrid academy graduate has a contract with the English Premier League club until June next year. However, since the players want to return to La Liga, Barcelona will be in a somewhat advantageous position.

Ajpiliketa has gone on holiday without the latest news from Barcelona. Barcelona wants him, he also wants to go to Barcelona. Alonso, the former Chelsea boss, has promised that he will be able to negotiate with any club this season as a free player. But with the fulfillment of one of the conditions of his contract, his contract with Chelsea was automatically renewed. And the new owner doesn’t want to let him go for free.,55188473.html

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