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Jake Paul Claims Nate Diaz Used 'Racial Slurs' During The Fight, Reveals Private Words Exchanged After Contest

In his contest with Jake Paul on Saturday night, Nate Diaz was up to his usual tricks in the ring that his fans love him for. 

Whilst some fans tuning in were left frustrated by Diaz’s lack of urgency, his laid back fighting style has defined his career as a fan favourite. 

Taunting Paul throughout the contest, the former UFC star went as far as pretending to be rocked and locking up a guillotine choke late in the fight before celebrating like he won. 

Immediately after the fight, Paul reflected on the contest on his YouTube channel, revealing that Diaz trash talked him throughout the fight as they exchanged words in the ring.

“He was saying crazy sh*it in the clinch that I can’t repeat, like racial slurs, calling me racial slurs and just like come up like the whole time and and I would hit him and he would be like ‘yeah motherf*cker!’, and I’d be like ‘shut up, what’d you say?’ and we were just talking back and forth the whole fight having fun”

Jake Paul Reveals The Praise That Nate Diaz Gave Him Inside The Ring

Despite all of the trash talking before and during the fight, Nate Diaz and Jake Paul showed respect to one another after the final bell. 

Seemingly agreeing to a MMA rematch during their in-ring interviews, Paul and Diaz had nothing but good words to say about each other. 

Recapping the experience on BS w/ Jake Paul, “The Problem Child” revealed what Diaz said to him after the fight and once all of the trash talking had come to an end.

“He was just like, ‘Man, respect! Like you’re a warrior. I love what you’re doing for the fight game.'”      

Now that they have shared the ring together, the mutual respect has been shown but the question for fans is, will it be the same if they face-off in a cage?

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