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Jamahal Hill On Who He Would Prefer To Fight Between Alex Pereira & Jiří Procházka For The LHW Title: 'If I Had My Choice…'

At UFC 295, a new light heavyweight champion will be crowned in the co-main event as two former champs meet in a vacant title fight.

Former light heavyweight champion Jiří Procházka, who vacated the belt due to an injury, will face the former 185-pound titleholder Alex Pereira in a fight that has UFC fans counting down the days and hours until the fight.

Meanwhile, Jamahal Hill is waiting on the side lines recovering from his injury that led to him vacating the belt in July after beating Glover Teixeira earlier this year.

In an interview with Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith on the Believe You Me podcast, Hill gave his thoughts on the match-up for his former belt and how he sees it going down.

“I think that one’s a toss up if I’m being completely honest, I think that fight can truly go either way. I think Jiří, the way he strikes, like yeah he has the wild kind of loose style but for that, Alex isn’t going for that.

He’s not going for the tricks, for all the out there [stuff] because he has a specific mission and specific points in places he wants to be when he’s striking and when he’s engaging I think Alex is better at getting to those spots than Jiří is.

But, I think physically, Jiří will be the more physical, more physically strong fighter.” 

“I think Jiří has more MMA experience, I think if he can use his unorthodoxness to, instead of trying to strike, to actually get in and mix and be rounded around in mixed martial arts, clinch him up, beat him up in the clinch, drag him to the ground and I think that’d more so be his best way, making it an all-round mixed martial arts fight.”    

Jamahal Hill Names Who He Would Rather Fight Out Of Alex Pereira And Jiří Procházka

When he vacated his title after rupturing his Achilles tendon, Hill knew that he would get a shot at whoever holds the belt once he returned to full fitness.

With a close eye on UFC 295 where two of the most exciting strikers in the world will fight for the belt, “Sweet Dreams” knows that he will likely be facing the victor.

During the interview, he gave his thoughts on which man he would rather face if he had the choice but Hill made it clear, if it was his choice, there would be no vacant belt in the first place.

“Honestly, if I had my choice and I had my pick, I would have not gotten hurt and I would have had them both be in the position that they are and I’d have whooped they ass one by one.”   

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