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Josh Donaldson Issues Apology to Jackie Robinson’s Family

After MLB suspended him one game for calling Tim Anderson “Jackie” in a game, Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson released a formal apology to the White Sox shortstop.

“First and foremost, I have the utmost respect for what Tim Anderson brings to the game of baseball,” he said, via Mark Feinsand. “I stated over the weekend that I apologized for offending Tim and that it was a misunderstanding based on multiple exchanges between us over the years. My view of that exchange hasn’t changed and I absolutely meant no disrespect. In the past, it had never been an issue and now that it is, we have a mutual understanding.”

Donaldson also issued an apology to Jackie Robinson’s family for causing any anguish and disrespect over the way he used the name.

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“I would also like to apologize to Mrs. Rachel Robinson and the Jackie Robinson family for any distress the incident may have caused. Jackie was a true American hero and I hold his name in the highest regard.”

Donaldson offered an initial apology after the game on Saturday, explaining he said it to Anderson in the past in reference to one of Anderson’s interviews from the 2019 season when he called himself “today’s Jackie Robinson.” Anderson said he was disrespected by the comment even though it had happened before.

Despite Donaldson’s explanation, Anderson’s teammates didn’t believe it, and Liam Hendriks went as far as to call it “utter bulls—.”

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