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Lacey Evans absolutely ruined Sammy Guevara with savage comments during his WWE tryout

Sammy Guevara is one of the so-called “pillars” of AEW but once upon a time he had a tryout with WWE, which did not go quite to plan.

Prior to joining AEW in 2019 when the wrestling company formed, Guevara had extensive experience in the industry, working with the likes of NWA, AAA, Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling.

However, like the majority of professional wrestlers, the dream was WWE. Particularly in 2018, when the idea of another major promotion in the US was just a pipe dream of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

Guevara tried out for WWE after several years in the industry

As such, a young Sammy turned up at the WWE Performance Centre with many other aspiring wrestlers looking to secure a contract with the company. These try outs usually include showing off a range of different skills, from in-ring athleticism to promo and mic ability.

In a twitter clip shared by @SUPERZOMGBBQ on Twitter, a short snippet of Guevara’s try out is shown with a notable interaction between himself and Lacey Evans, which is slightly awkward to say the least.

VIDEO: Lacey Evans ruins Sammy Guevara during 2018 WWE tryout

Lacey Evans casually chewing up and spitting out Sammy Guevara 😬

— JB (@SUPERZOMGBBQ) October 5, 2022

In the clip, the trialists are showing off their ability to roll in the squared circle, which is an important part of both match transitions and selling. Guevara states his name and his number, 35, which tells you a lot about how many people turn up for these try outs.

Evans, in her role as both a WWE superstar and former try out recruit, shouts that she cannot hear him, which is the first sign that tension is brewing.

Sammy goes again, shouting his name and number and adding a “Baby” at the end before rolling across the ring. It was not quite peak Adam Cole and it did not go down well.

The camera cut back to Evans, with her real name of Macey Estrella, where she chops Sammy down to size in a brutally casual manner by saying she’s not his baby, needs to teach him a thing or two on top of the fact “he can’t role.” Damning.

What’s next for Lacey and Sammy?

In recent weeks, it looks as if Lacey is moving away from her current gimmick and potentially back to her old Southern Belle character or something new. It would be a much-needed change for a wrestler who can add a lot to the Smackdown roster.


As for Sammy, he continues to be featured alongside Chris Jericho on AEW TV, most recently challenging his Jericho Appreciation Society leader in a fatal four way for the Ring of Honor title at Full Gear.

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