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Logan Paul Thinks Brother Jake Should Retire Immediately

Jake Paul is riding high following his win over Anderson Silva, but should he hang up his gloves? One significant person in his life thinks so.

Since 2020, Jake Paul has been rising his stock in the world of boxing. The former Disney channel actor decided to throw his hat in the ring and began his training in boxing a few years ago. At the time many people did not take him very seriously but then he started winning. Paul found a niche by fighting former MMA champions and has not lost since.

His last bout against former UFC champion Anderson Silva was said to be his toughest test yet and Paul passed with flying colors. He defeated Silva by a unanimous decision last weekend and is already looking for his next test. Paul is one of the most popular fighters in the world and along with his brother Logan, the two have changed the sport of boxing.

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Logan Paul Is Urging His Brother To Retire

Between the two Paul brothers, they have made millions of dollars through their fighting. Logan has fought boxing great Floyd Mayweather, while Jake continues to target MMA fighters. With the success Paul has seen so far, the question remains how long will it last? While a guest on The MMA Hour, Paul was asked if his career has exceeded his expectations, to which he answered.

“100%,” he said. “Anything else that happens now is just a cherry on top. You know, my brother just says that I should retire and leave, leave the world and the people with their jaws dropped like, that kid just went 6 and 0 and beat some of MMA’s best, and then just doesn’t do it anymore.

“But I’m not going to do that. but I have exceeded my own expectations. And I think this is just the start, man. Like, I’m really starting to get good. And there’s a lot of people that I want to beat and I want to be a world champion.”

Despite his brother’s warning to quit while he is ahead, Paul is confident in his skills and knows he can continue his rise. He wants to continue his career and take on even tougher opponents in the future.

“I originally was like, I’ll go 10 and 0, and then retire. But now I’m six and 0 and it feels like I just am getting warmed up,” he said. “So who knows what ends up happening?”

Paul has been targeting a bout with Nate Diaz. Now that Diaz is free from his UFC contract it seems that fight is a possibility.

How much longer do you think the Jake Paul boxing experiment will actually continue?

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