Logan Paul's highlights vs Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel have dropped & they are unreal

Logan Paul suffered defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns on Saturday night at WWE Crown Jewel 2022, but that wasn’t the total story.

Victory over Paul meant that Reigns retained his title as the Undisputed WWE Universal champion, a run that has been simply mesmerising to watch.

However, despite losing to Reigns, Paul won a lot of hearts with his immaculate display and performance, which took the fight down to the wire as he was defeated after a Superman Punch and a Spear.

From the footage that the YouTuber has now posted to his official Twitter account, we can see Paul using a range of innovative tactics to try and outfox his opponent, as he sprung from one side to the other in search of victory.

During the Twitter video, we can see that Paul was picking, throwing his opponent to the ground and using the springboard to get more power and reach to defeat Reigns. His athleticism really is a bit of a joke, especially for someone who has only fought twice in the WWE before!

Don’t take our word for it, though, watch his highlight reel for yourself below.

Video: Logan Paul’s insane highlights vs Roman Reigns

What made the fight so compelling was its competitive nature and the fact that both Superstars cancelled each other out, meaning the margins were so fine.

Both opponents landed blows on one another, and it was a fight that you felt no one deserved to lose, but because of the nature of the sport, there had to be a winner and a loser.

Unfortunately for Paul, he was beaten, but can most certainly hold his head up high as that was a performance to be proud of.

Despite being a novice at this level, many believe that Paul performed like a seasoned campaigner, and this performance against Reigns should be a sliding doors moment and open up many more opportunities for YouTuber.

How many world titles has Roman Reigns held in WWE?





Logan Paul just came up against someone who was a bit more wise and street smart than his opponent as he has had years of competing in WWE. However, with a display like that from Paul, there is evidence that he too can get to Reigns’ level.

However, unfortunately for Paul, he will not be able to build upon his stunning performance because he revealed that he has suffered significant knee ligament damage, which could keep him out for over a year.

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