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Look: Bizarre Rockies Scoreboard Message Speaks to Jilted Lovers Everywhere

With the Rockies sporting a 37-59 record and sitting 18 1/2 games behind the first-place Dodgersin the NL West, Colorado fans have the right to act a little strange.

However, a message displayed on the Coors Field scoreboard Wednesday hinted at an entirely new level of wacky brewing in the Centennial State.

“Whoever runs the scoreboard at Coors Field is NOT OKAY,” DNVR writer Suzie Hunter tweeted during the Rockies’ 4-1 loss to the Astros.

Under a conventional “Game Notes” heading, the scoreboard displayed the following message: “Using a stethoscope to listen to the heart, cardiologists can detect narrow valves, valve leakage, and/or abnormal rhythm. Don’t bother asking him to check YOUR heart though, Becky. That crushed Titanic sub has more life inside of it than that collapsed troll cave you call a chest cavity.”

Whoever runs the scoreboard at Coors Field is NOT OKAY.

— Suz Now (Suzie's Version) (Eras Tour 7/15 version) (@TheSuzieHunter) July 19, 2023

Fans reacted with intrigue, pondering whether the message was a joke or genuine venting from a jilted lover.

Some joked that the story might be the most interesting one in a crowded Colorado sports landscape.

Tired: following every Colorado Buffs' board meeting agenda to hopefully find a crumb of realignment news

Wired: following every Colorado Rockies' scoreboard update to learn the latest feelings on ex-gf Becky.

— Jon Grove (@jongrove02) July 19, 2023

The message attracted the attention of some of baseball’s most distinguished writers.

Damn, Beckyyyyy.

— Britt Ghiroli (@Britt_Ghiroli) July 20, 2023

Colorado-friendly puns appeared in abundance.

Rocky Mountain Low

— Mike Golic Jr (@mikegolicjr) July 19, 2023

A few observers advocated for a more nuanced perspective.

I feel like we need to hear Becky’s side of the matter.

— Lisa Guerrero 💃🏽 (@4lisaguerrero) July 19, 2023

As several people pointed out, this was not the first time Coors Field had displayed such a message.

This is the best running bit in baseball that nobody knows about.

— Eephus Tosser (@EephusTosser) July 19, 2023

Many viewed the message as infinitely superior to in-game marriage proposals.

Tired: scoreboard proposals
Wired: whatever this is

— KD Casey – DIAMOND RING is out now! 🏳️‍🌈 ⚾ (@kdcaseywrites) July 19, 2023

All in all, baseball fans everywhere expressed general concern for the scoreboard operator’s well-being.

This is an SOS

— Paola Trujillo (@iampeatrujillo) July 19, 2023

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