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MLB Fans Crushed an Ump for Ejecting White Sox Batter After Laughably Bad Called Strike

There are a lot of bad umpires working in Major League Baseball these days, including Dan Iassogna, who had just a miserable night behind the plate in Wednesday’s Guardians–White Sox game in Chicago. 

Iassogna’s most embarrassing call should lead to some sort of punishment from MLB because not only was it a badly called strike, but it also led to Iassogna ejecting Chicago’s Gavin Sheets because the right fielder had the audacity to scream at him for being really bad at his job. 

Being an ump is a difficult job but there’s just no way somebody at the highest level of baseball can make a call like this: 

Gavin Sheets had enough of the ump show

— Sox On 35th (@SoxOn35th) May 18, 2023

This report card not only shows where that pitch was, but it’s also proof that Iassogna had an absolutely awful game: 

Umpire: Dan Iassogna
Final: Guardians 2, White Sox 7#ForTheLand // #WhiteSox#CLEvsCWS // #CWSvsCLE

More stats for this game 👇

— Umpire Scorecards (@UmpScorecards) May 18, 2023

MLB fans were not impressed:

Umps have been absolutely terrible this year

— BON (@NotTonyDennis) May 18, 2023

One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, you have to mess up BAD for him to get like this

— Yareb Martinez (@yarebmartinez10) May 18, 2023

This truly is awful I would’ve been furious too😂😂

— Tyler Huisman (@tyler_huisman) May 18, 2023

78% is pretty bad, @MLBUA

— stoop kiid (@stoopkiid93) May 18, 2023

The mlb needs to start suspending umpires for bad calls/games. Only way to have good umpires without robots.

— Keegan Murray (@keegan_murray_) May 18, 2023

some of the strike calls on Sheets were egregious

— LoudChuck (@chuckjanczy) May 18, 2023

Just terrible umpiring in last night’s #WhiteSox game

— Drew Bogs (@DrewBogs623) May 18, 2023

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