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MLB World Roars Its Disapproval of Anthony Rendon’s Suggestion to Shorten Season

Anthony Rendon didn’t win any sympathy from fans, media and fellow baseball players with remarks he made about the length of the MLB season.

The Los Angeles Angels third baseman was asked during an interview with The Jack Vita Show what change he would make in baseball. The 11-year veteran responded by complaining that the MLB season is too long. 

“We got to shorten the season, man,” Rendon said. “There’s too many dang games–162 games in 185 days or whatever it is. Man. No. We gotta shorten this bad boy up. Let’s go.” 

Former teammate Jonathan Papelbon joined in on the social media dogpile criticizing Rendon for not liking to play baseball. 

“Played with Rendon and literally hates baseball,” Papelbon posted on X, formerly Twitter. “Yeah it’s long isn’t that what you signed up for??? Just tell the team you want to play half the season and give back half your salary!!!!!”

I can definitely confirm Carrabis here…
Played with Rendon and literally hates baseball. Yeah it’s long isn’t that what you signed up for??? Just tell the team you want to play half the season and give back half your salary!!!!!

— Jonathan Papelbon (@TheRealJPap58) January 21, 2024

The uproar directed at Rendon centered on how few games he’s played during the past four seasons. Since signing a seven-year, $245 million contract with the Angels in 2020, Rendon hasn’t played 60 games in a season. In his four seasons with Anaheim, he’s played a combined 200 games. 

Put another way, Rendon is averaging 50 games played per season with the Angels–far fewer than the 162 games about which he’s complaining. 

Injuries have kept Rendon out of the lineup, most recently a fractured left tibia. He’s also dealt with groin and wrist issues last season, in addition to knee, oblique and hip problems during his Angels career. 

However, fans believe that Rendon’s dislike of playing baseball might be influencing his willingness to fight through injury and get back on the field, as many pointed out on social media. 

He hasn’t even played in 100 games since 2019 🤣🤣

— Antwan V. Staley (@antwanstaley) January 21, 2024

He shortens his own seasons to 70 games anyways

— Trident True (@TridentTruee) January 21, 2024

Love something as much as Anthony Rendon hates baseball

— Razzball (@Razzball) January 21, 2024

Doesn’t he shorten the season on his own.

— Greg Shirron (@KJH05) January 21, 2024

He's doing his best to shorten it all by himself.
Maybe if he was paid for games played only, he might want to play 365 days a year

— Misisipi Sean (@MistaHista) January 21, 2024

Dude plays 50 games a year, what does he want? For the season to be 30 games?

— John Rocker (@bravesfan_69) January 21, 2024

Why is Anthony Rendon bitching about a 162 game season? Like where does he get the nerve? 😂 He has to be the least impacted player by this grueling season 😂 #Angels

— Tom 365 (@tom_tml) January 21, 2024

I didn’t need Papelbon to confirm that Rendon hates baseball, but apparently that’s a shocking revelation to some.

Nothing Rendon said is anything new.

— BTH (#SellTheTeamArte) (@BeyondTheHalo) January 21, 2024

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