Neeraj Chopra: Neeraj’s gold again after Olympics, how far did his javelin throw this time?

Neeraj’s goal is to throw a javelin 90 meters away. Although that goal was not met, he won gold.

Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra won gold again. This time he won gold in the Quarton Games. Neeraj won the medal in this competition in Finland. His javelin was thrown 7.89 meters away.,55189747.html

Neeraj set the national record three days ago. Pavo Nurmi threw 69.30 meters at the Games. Despite setting a national record, he did not win gold in that competition. He had to be happy to win silver. Mittal regrets that this time in Finland. Neeraj won the gold. The game was going on in the rain wet field. Neeraj threw 6.69 meters for the first time there. That throw brought him a gold medal.

Neeraj won the first gold medal after the Olympics. However, he said that his goal now is to throw 90 meters. At the Pavo Nurmi Games, the 24-year-old Indian star athlete could not touch the distance of 90 meters for only 60 centimeters. That didn’t happen in Finland either, but Neeraj got the gold.

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