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“Not Against Us”: Kevin Durant Does Not Wish Good Fortune on Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton in Their Upcoming Games Against the Suns

The Phoenix Suns have once again thwarted expectations with a shaky start to the season. The much-anticipated ‘Big Three’ of Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal were touted to be a powerhouse in the stacked Western Conference. But so far they have barely managed to keep their record above .500. Still reeling from injuries and chemistry issues, Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant was recently asked about the team’s upcoming games against former Suns stars Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton.

The Suns are not in the strongest position right now with Bradley Beal sidelined due to injury till the second week of December. Other players like Yuta Watanabe and Damion Lee are also dealing with injuries. Additionally, the Suns haven’t looked lethal with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker leading the charge, both on the offensive and the defensive ends of the floor. Therefore, KD seemed to hold back on wishing his former Suns teammates the best of fortunes ahead of their matchups.

“Got to know those guys [CP3 and Ayton] for a couple of months, especially Deandre, obviously I knew CP before…It’d be good to see them both [again]. Wish them well in Portland and Golden State. But not against us,” KD told Suns beat reporter Duane Rankin.

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Durant joined the Suns earlier this year, just a couple of months before Deandre Ayton left for the Portland Trail Blazers and Chris Paul for the Golden State Warriors. During their short stint in the Desert, the three seemed to have bonded well. However, KD made sure to relay the message that friendship will not come in the way of business, especially after what happened following the Lakers game.

Kevin Durant will be looking to win the next few games

After winning their recent contest against the Utah Jazz, KD will be looking to carry on the momentum for the next few games. Phoenix is currently eight on the Western Conference table with a record of 7-6. They will be looking to capitalize on the Warriors’ and the Blazers’ poor form, both of them carrying a record below .500 at the moment.

The Dubs are still reeling from a string of losses fueled by the absence of their centerpiece, Stephen Curry. The Suns opened their season with a win against the Dubs and they will be looking to run it back during KD’s reunion with his former teammates. On the other hand, Portland hasn’t played the Suns yet this season. But judging by their record of 3-10, they are unlikely to put up a strong resistance.

Meanwhile, there’s pressure on Kevin Durant to lead the Suns to the promised land this season. Charles Barkley’s ‘Bus Driver’ claims have already weighed heavy on Durant’s legacy. After his failed stint with the Nets, KD will face immense pressure this season to lead this Suns team of three MVP-caliber players over the hump as he nears the end of his prime.

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