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Photos: Erickson Lubin Overcomes Jesus Ramos, Bags Unanimous Decision

T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas – In a junior middleweight showdown, the crowd was stunned when Erickson Lubin (26-2, 18 KOs) was awarded a twelve round unanimous decision over Jesus Ramos (20-1, 16 KOs). (photos by Ryan Hafey)

The scores were 115-113, 116-112 and 117-111 for Lubin.

A slow start in the first, with both boxing and picking their spots. Ramos stepped up the pressure and pace in the second, going to the body. In the third, Ramos continued to target the body to push Lubin back. 

lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (10)

The third saw Ramos being more active and letting his hands go to the body. More of the same in the fourth, with Ramos targeting the body often. Lubin keeps making the mistake of being backed to the ropes, which allows Ramos to let his hands go.

lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (5)

Lubin had a much better fifth with connects to the body and then upstairs, but Ramos’ activity made it very close. In the sixth, Lubin started faster with quick punches to the head and body. Ramos once again made it closer by coming forward and always pressing with punches. The seventh saw Ramos being busier and landing more punches. More of the same in the eight, as Lubin was not letting his hands go enough.

lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (13)

Ramos seemed to take off the ninth and wasn’t as active, which allowed Lubin to box very well. A slow tenth, where neither man looked impressive. Ramos outworked Lubin in the eleventh, in what became another slow round. The twelfth and final round saw Ramos being more active and pressing forward with punches. Lubin was sticking and moving with punches but usually one shot at a time.

lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (12)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (21)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (14)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (11)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (19)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (9)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (7)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (6)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (15)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (20)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (8)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (1)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (3)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (4)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (18)

lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (22)lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (2)

lubin-ramos-fight-hafey (23)

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