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Photos: Gilberto Ramirez Holds Off a Game Joe Smith in Cruiserweight Debut

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas – In a battle of former world champions, Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez (45-1, 30 KOs) picked up a ten round unanimous decision over Joe Smith Jr. (28-5, 22 KOs). The contest was fought at a catch-weight of 190-pounds. (photos by Cris Esqueda)

All three judges scored it 99-91.

Smith came out pressing forward with body shots in the first round. Ramirez would fire back with hard hook to the head to get Smith to back off. Ramirez would then start jabbing and keeping Smith back. Ramirez was catching Smith coming in. Smith was able to connect at times, but Ramirez would quickly move away from trouble.

ramirez-smith-fight (17)

In the second, it was Ramirez going to the body and pecking away with a jab. Ramirez was moving around often and continued to land the more accurate punches. The third was a bit closer, as Smith was able to connect with several right hands. Ramirez seemed to stun Smith for a moment with a hard combination to the body. 

ramirez-smith-fight (27)

The fourth saw Ramirez moving often and jabbing. Smith connected with hard hooks before Ramirez answered back with several hard of his own. Smith was rocking Ramirez back when connecting. It was back and forth in the fifth, with both having success. 

ramirez-smith-fight (22)

In the sixth, Ramirez was boxing and moving – and connecting with accurate punches. They did trade for a moment on the inside. The seventh had them trading more often, with Ramirez being the more accurate fighter. Smith close the round strong with a rally of shots. The eight had Smith pressing and firing, looking to get Ramirez back into fight. Ramirez was going back to moving and boxing. Smith was starting to connect more often. 

ramirez-smith-fight (33)

During the ninth, Smith unloaded on Ramirez when he pressed him against the ropes. Ramirez would weather the storm and looked to trade with Smith. They were exchanging at close range, as Ramirez connected with the better shots. In the tenth, Ramirez seemed to hurt Smith to the body. Ramirez jumped on him with punches. Smith was able to fight his way out of trouble, but Ramirez was outlanding him with shots.

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ramirez-smith-fight (46)ramirez-smith-fight (52)ramirez-smith-fight (51)ramirez-smith-fight (49)ramirez-smith-fight (50)ramirez-smith-fight (54)ramirez-smith-fight (53)ramirez-smith-fight (48)ramirez-smith-fight (41)ramirez-smith-fight (42)ramirez-smith-fight (45)ramirez-smith-fight (44)

ramirez-smith-fight (10)

gilberto-ramirez (1)_1696748366

gilberto-ramirez (3)_1696748366

gilberto-ramirez (2)_1696748366

gilberto-ramirez (4)_1696748366

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