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Photos: Giovani Santillan Batters, Drops Alexis Rocha, Stops Him in Six

Inglewood, California – In a welterweight showdown, Giovani Santillan (32-0, 17 KOs) dropped Alexis Rocha (23-2, 15 KOs) three times and beat him down for a sixth round stoppage. (photos by Cris Esqueda) 

The bout began with earlier fireworks in the first, as Santillan took the fight to Rocha and bloodied his nose. They were brawling away in the second, as Santillan was going toe to toe with Rocha, who was taking most of the shots in those exchanges. Rocha doing well to the body, but Santillan was connecting to the head. Santillan continued outland Rocha in the third and was working him over in the fourth.

santillan-rocha-fight (26)

During the fifth, Santillan landed several hard hooks to drop a bloody Rocha. Santillan went after Rocha once he got to his feet.  Rocha was able to weather the storm and began to land shots to the head and body. In the final minute, Santillan landed a series of hooks to drop Rocha for a second time. Rocha barely made it to the bell.

santillan-rocha-fight (38)

In the sixth, Santillan continued to unleash heavy punches on Rocha. He landed a series of bombs to drop Rocha for a third time and the fight was waved off.

santillan-rocha-fight (23)santillan-rocha-fight (32)  santillan-rocha-fight (28)santillan-rocha-fight (34)santillan-rocha-fight (31)santillan-rocha-fight (21)santillan-rocha-fight (37)santillan-rocha-fight (29)  santillan-rocha-fight (25)    santillan-rocha-fight (10)  santillan-rocha-fight (8)santillan-rocha-fight (18)santillan-rocha-fight (11)  santillan-rocha-fight (20)santillan-rocha-fight (12)santillan-rocha-fight (13)santillan-rocha-fight (24)santillan-rocha-fight (19)santillan-rocha-fight (22)santillan-rocha-fight (27)  santillan-rocha-fight (7)santillan-rocha-fight (6)santillan-rocha-fight (5)santillan-rocha-fight (3)

santillan-rocha-fight (43)santillan-rocha-fight (41)santillan-rocha-fight (42)

santillan-rocha-fight (44)santillan-rocha-fight (45)

santillan-rocha-fight (1)

giovani-santillan (2)_1697955127santillan-hopkinsgiovani-santillan (1)_1697955127santillan-de-la-hoya

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