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Photos: Joe Cordina Holds Off a Tough Edward Vazquez To Retain IBF Title

Casino de Monte Carlo Salle Medecin, Monte Carlo – For the IBF super featherweight title, Joe Cordina (17-0, 9 KOs) had to fight extremely hard to overcome a determined Edward Vazquez (15-2, 3 KOs) for a twelve round majority decision win. (photos by Mark Robinson)

The scores were 114-114, 116-112 and 116-112 for Cordina.

Cordina was happy to stand and trade in the pocket with Vazquez in the early rounds. Vazquez was giving as good as he was getting. Once Cordina created some distance and shot his punches from long and mid range, he began to have a lot more success.

cordina-vazquez-fight (23)

In the second half, Cordina slowed things down and really began to box in a calculated manner to catch Vazuez when he would charge inside.  Vazquez would eventually make adjustments, as he continued to come forward with a very calculated approach and was landing solid counters during exchanges. He was forcing Cordina to work very hard in every round and the action was razor-close.

cordina-vazquez-fight (16)

The twelfth and final round saw a relentless start by Vazquez, which force Cordina to fight him at close range for the entire three minutes. 

cordina-vazquez-fight (18)cordina-vazquez-fight (32)cordina-vazquez-fight (29)cordina-vazquez-fight (27)cordina-vazquez-fight (21)cordina-vazquez-fight (28)cordina-vazquez-fight (24)cordina-vazquez-fight (33)cordina-vazquez-fight (26)cordina-vazquez-fight (22)cordina-vazquez-fight (31)cordina-vazquez-fight (25)cordina-vazquez-fight (30)cordina-vazquez-fight (19)cordina-vazquez-fight (14)cordina-vazquez-fight (7)cordina-vazquez-fight (9)cordina-vazquez-fight (10)cordina-vazquez-fight (12)cordina-vazquez-fight (15)cordina-vazquez-fight (13)cordina-vazquez-fight (11)cordina-vazquez-fight (2)cordina-vazquez-fight (1)cordina-vazquez-fight (3)cordina-vazquez-fight (5)cordina-vazquez-fight (4)cordina-vazquez-fight (6)cordina-vazquez-fight (8)

cordina-vazquez-fight (34)

cordina-vazquez-fight (38)joe-cordina (2)_1699142236cordina-vazquez-fight (36)cordina-vazquez-fight (37)joe-cordina (1)_1699142235cordina-vazquez-fight (35)

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