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Photos: John Ryder Grinds in Camp For Canelo Alvarez Showdown

Canelo Alvarez is set to defend his Undisputed World Super-Middleweight title against John Ryder in a Mexico homecoming on Cinco de Mayo weekend at the Akron Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico on Saturday May 6, live around the world on DAZN and DAZN PPV in the U.S & Canada. (photos by Mark Robinson)

“He [Ryder] has everything to win, nothing to lose, right? He’s always there, fighting with the good fighters trying to get that opportunity, and now he got it. It’s going to be a danger for me, but I feel good,” Canelo said.

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“It will be one of the best moments in my career for sure. The fight with Billy Joe Saunders in Dallas was amazing, one of the most enjoyable fights I’ve ever been in. I think in Guadalajara it will be the same or even more.”

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