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Photos: Leigh Wood Putting in Work For Mauricio Lara Showdown

At the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham on Saturday February 18, hometown hero Leigh Wood puts his WBA Featherweight World Title on the line against big-punching Mexican Mauricio Lara, live worldwide on DAZN (excluding Australia and New Zealand). (photos by Mark Robinson)

‘Leigh-thal’ (26-2 KOs) memorably stopped Michael Conlan in the 12th and final round of his epic first defence of the WBA 126lbs title back in March 2022, knocking the Irishman out of the ring in brutal fashion to end their Fight of the Year stunner.

leigh-wood (27)

The Forest-mad Featherweight was heavily dropped in the opening round and looked to be heading towards his third loss in the pros before brilliantly fighting back to earn a brilliant win that will be talked about for many years to come.

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