Sonali could not do well in Bollywood due to the influence of mafia

Sonali Bendre is a popular face of Bollywood in the nineties. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Death has conquered cancer and returned to acting. When he came back, he talked about the influence of mafia in Bollywood and it also affected his career. It was very easy for the mafia to intervene in Bollywood as the Bollywood industry was not organized at that time. Then they could bring whoever they wanted to the lime light. Because of these mafias he could not play many main characters then.

Earlier, celebrities talked about the mafia rule in Bollywood, but most of them kept their mouths shut. This time Sonali Bendre spoke about it. In a recent podcast in India, he said that once he was offered a big picture, he turned it down. Because, he was doing two pictures in the south then. Then everything changes. A few years later he got a chance to work in a big character. But then at the last minute he was told that he was not doing it. Only then did he realize that the mafia was behind his omission. They did so because they had turned down an earlier photo offer.

He added that he understood where the problem was at the time. Since Bollywood is not a tidy industry, the intervention of mafias in Bollywood was very easy. Apart from that, money was also an important issue. Then the bank would lend a certain amount of money to make a movie. But the source of the rest of the money was the mafia. That is what happened in the 90’s. This is because even if the directors or producers spoke at that time, the reins were in the hands of these mafias. As a result, he did not act in several films.

Sonali Bendre made her Bollywood debut in 1994 at the age of 19 with the film ‘Aag’. Realizing this influence of the mafia, he stayed away from risky film producers. And her husband, filmmaker Goldie, helped her understand this. He also recently made his OTT debut with The Broken News. ‘The Broken News’ was released on GFive on June 10. Joydeep Ahlawat and Shriya Pilgaonkar have also acted in it. It is directed by Vinay Waikul.

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