South Korea sends its own technology rocket into space

South Korea has successfully launched its own rocket. Today, on Tuesday, the rocket named Nuri reached the orbit of space. South Korea is one of the few countries in the world to send its own technology vehicle into space.

The rocket was launched at around 4pm local time from the launch site in Goheyang, a coastal area in southern South Korea. According to Seoul, the rocket operated in three stages. First the rocket goes to a certain height with a satellite. It then separates from the satellite. After all, the rocket successfully placed the satellite in orbit.

South Korean Science and Technology Minister Lee Jong-ho said it was a major step forward for his country in the space program. As the seventh country in the world, South Korea was able to successfully launch a rocket made with domestic technology. He also hopes that the country will move forward in space programs in the future.

Li Jong-ho added that his country would send a spacecraft to observe the moon in August.

South Korea has previously tried to launch its own technology rocket. But at that time the country failed.

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