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Takeshita suffers Lethal consequences in Rampage main event

This special start time of AEW Rampage saw a stacked card featuring the likes of Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, Dr.Britt Baker D.M.D, Riho, HOOK and many more.

Plus the impressive Konosuke Takeshta went one-on-one with Jay Lethal in a huge main event.

Toni Storm and Ruby Soho def Dr Britt Baker D.M.D and Jamie Hayter-

This match saw a collision between four of the women who will be partaking in the highly anticipated Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament.

All four women were looking to gain momentum going into this by picking up a huge victory for their respective teams.

Both teams came out swinging from the gate and demonstrated a great blend of singles as well as tag team wrestling. It was a great teaser for what was to come in the Owen Hart Tournament. 

As the match progressed, Baker and Hayter looked like they had the victory after Baker got Toni Storm in position for the Lockjaw submisison hold. However, storm was able to escape.

The closing moments saw Baker aiming to finish storm, planting her head in the canvas with a huge stomp. Soho was able to push Hayter onto Baker to break the pinfall. Baker would catch Soho with a huge superkick. 

Storm would take advantage and roll up Baker for the victory. 

HOOK def JD Drake-

Drake would start the match strong, cracking HOOK with a series of hard-hitting strikes. 

HOOK would soon regain momentum and toss Drake over his head with a devastating slam. 

Drake would get a glimpse of momentum back and looked to plant the undefeated HOOK with a reverse DDT but a great counter allowed him to get on the back of Drake and choke him out with the Redrum submission.

Again after the match Danhausen would confront HOOK with an offer for him to be in his corner when Danhausen collides with Tony Nese but HOOK yet again wouldn’t comply.

Riho def Yuka Sakazaki – Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

These two women collided to determine who would claim the final spot in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. 

Sakazaki got off some great offence at the begging of the bout, connecting a huge human cannonball to the outside following a dropkick. 

As the match progressed, Riho would regain momentum after getting her knees up and countering a springboard splash from Sakazaki. 

Sakazaki would continue to showcase incredible offence, planting Riho facefirst off the top turnbuckle. 

However, a failed discuss lariat attempt gave Riho a window of opportunity to roll up Sakazaki and claim her spot in the Owen Hart Tournament. 

American Top Team promo-

Sky, Lambert and Page took to the ring to address former TNT Champion Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti. 

However, Frankie Kazarian interrupted to cement his place in the TNT Championship picture and champion Scorpio Sky made it clear that he is a fighting champion and accepted former SCU partner Kazarian’s challenge for next week. 

Jay Lethal def Konosuke Takeshita-

DDT star Takeshita has been making a name for himself since making a series of appearances in the past few weeks in an AEW ring. However, Jay Lethal was looking to end the hype and focus the attention on himself as he looks to build momentum with Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt by his side. 

Takeshita would showcase his speed from the get-go, dropping Lethal with a series of lighting quick arm drags followed by a huge dropkick. Takeshita would be met by a huge forearm from Lethal after Konosuke imitated his strut.  

A huge spot in the match left the crowd in awe as Takeshita cracked Lethal with a huge clothesline off the top rope turning him inside out. 

Takeshita would continue to impress, scouting the Lethal Consequences attempt from Lethal and replied with a jumping knee but a distraction from Sonjay Dutt delayed the three count and gave Lethal enough time to kick out.

No matter how impressive of an effort it was from Takeshita, the distraction allowed Lethal to finally hit the Lethal Consequences and secure the victory. 

Post-match saw Lethal, Singh and Dutt carry out an attack on the young starlet. Best Freinds emerged to level the playing field but Singh proved too strong. Samoa Joe finally came down with an equaliser in hand but AEW security and referees held him back on the stage. 

You can watch AEW internationally on FITE TV.

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