The Rock's biceps are absolutely humungous as WWE legend posts new training photo

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took to Instagram yesterday to update his followers about his new unique gym routine; showing off his humungous biceps in the process.

The Rock, who has opened up about how he uses the gym to help with mental health, spoke about this directly during a press junket for his film Rampage in 2018.

The Rock said regarding how to deal with sadness: “I have to take some sort of action, for me I gotta hit the gym.”

In his latest Instagram post, he said: “Getting killer training in here on my farm, deep in the country. Away from all the people & noise. Helps me recalibrate & reconnect with all the life stuff that really matters.

“No doubt the anchoring time I spend on my farms makes me a better father, husband, son, friend and businessman.”

So, not only is the 6”5 260-pound Johnson absolutely ripped from the gym as you can see in his recent Instagram post, but he feels this new training regime ‘helps him connect with what really matters.’

The Rock’s physique right now

In the photo that The Rock posted, he is showing what are believed to be his 21-inch arms, which he has previously been videoed saying ‘the key to success is through working past failure is where the magic happens.’

The 50-year-old Johnson, who is in as good a shape as ever, has also linked the key to his massive biceps as replacing hammer curls with seven rep reverse curls as shown in a prior Instagram video.

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