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This Mashup Video of Two MLB Pitchers Throwing 100-MPH Heat at Same Time is Too Cool

Being a hitter in Major League Baseball is hard enough when you have to face one pitcher, but imagine how difficult it would be if you had to face two pitchers at once? 

OK, that’s not something that will ever come close to happening, but thanks to the great Pitching Ninja on X, which used to be known as a thing called Twitter, we can see what it looks like when two pitchers fire 100-mph fastballs at the same time. 

This mashup video below of Miami’s Eury Pérez and Atlanta’s Spencer Strider doing just that is so mesmerizing. 

Check this out: 

Eury Pérez (6'8") & Spencer Strider (6'), each throwing 100 mph.

— Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) August 25, 2023

 Pretty wild, right? 

This is also interesting: 

Spencer Strider releases his average fastball closer to the plate than Eury Pérez. 😮

— Codify (@CodifyBaseball) August 25, 2023

MLB fans had reactions: 


— LaLa 💅🏽 (@TheParlayKitty) August 25, 2023

Strider’s extension is nasty

— Eddie 🇵🇷 (@demorizi_eudy) August 25, 2023

What did Matt Thaiss do to deserve this

— Squeak Crow (@shortstoppin_) August 25, 2023

Maybe I don't know this for sure but doesn't this imply that in a decade all pitchers will be 6'8" and throwing 115?

— Ban the Bunt (@seidlersburner) August 25, 2023

both have beautiful leg kicks and follow through

— Cryptking.eth 👑 🦍 (@Cryptking_1) August 25, 2023

to increase interest in baseball they should have 2 pitchers and 2 batters simultaneously during extra innings

— Eddie-Capital (@eddiejedi) August 25, 2023

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