Tom Brady: Buccaneers QB ripped by fans online for poor showing v LA Rams

Tom Brady and his performance in the 1st half of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ game against the Los Angeles Rams has drawn plenty of criticism from people online. 

This Sunday was meant to be something of a momentous week for Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, as he found himself entering the game at home against the Los Angeles Rams within touching distance of becoming the first quarterback in NFL history to reach 100,000 passing yards across the regular and postseason.

However, he struggled to get any sort of momentum and rhythm in the first half of the game, as he found himself going just 15 of 24 for 124 yards, as he and the Buccaneers struggled to get anything going on offense as they put up just 6 points in the first half.

The Buccaneers have struggled all season in getting the ball up and down the field, as coming into the game they ranked 18th in terms of total yards with 2,663, and have been even worse at getting points on the board, as they ranked 24th in points scored with 146. 

Tom Brady bearing the brunt of the blame?

Certainly a major dropoff when you consider that Brady led the NFL in both passing yards and passing touchdowns last season. Perhaps age is finally catching up to him after all after he turned 45 this past offseason. 

With the Buccaneers entering the game 3-5, even though the NFC South isn’t looking all that competitive, they still need to show something in order to get themselves back on track and look towards winning their division and sealing a playoff spot.

But against the Rams, things weren’t going all that well for them in the first half, and the fans, who have become used to being competitive again after Brady arrived in 2020, were pretty eager to let their feelings be known about their struggles:

Bucs getting booed at home. The love affair is over with the man in the arena.

— stan verrett (@stanverrett) November 6, 2022

That anger wasn’t held to the confines of the stadium though, as fans online were also not scared of letting Brady know, albeit through the safety of the internet, just how they felt about how badly he was doing in the first half as the Buccaneers could only put up two field goals:

Just how much of it is down to him, and how much of it is down to the personnel that he has had to deal with, which at times has been hampered by some major injury issues, it’s really hard to say, but when you earn the title of the ‘G.O.A.T’, there’s a lot of expectation on you to deliver, and so far Brady just hasn’t been doing that.

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