Tom Brady: Skip Bayless slammed by fans for his defence of Buccaneers QB

Tom Brady and his performances this season have been defenders by FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless, and some people on social media aren’t happy about it. 

This season is slowly turning into the worst that Tom Brady has had during his 23-year stretch in the National Football League. Having come off of the 2021 season, a year in which he led the league in both touchdowns and passing yards, whilst there might have been drop off in production expected due to his age, things are going from bad to worse for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After their 27-22 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens last night they sit at 3-5, which is the first time that he has ever been two games below the .500 mark, which shouldn’t come as a major surprise given how long he dominated with the New England Patriots, but it is rather startling to look at that someone with his resume and credentials could drop off so much in such a short space of time. 

Now though, he is starting down possibly going through his first-ever losing season as a quarterback in the NFL, something that won’t necessarily tarnish his legacy in what might be his final year in the league, but certainly isn’t how he might look to bow out.

Is Tom Brady not so Tom Terrific without the supporting cast? 

One possibility that has been discussed as a reason for his and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s failings is down to the personnel that Brady has had to work with this season. One glaring omission is that of one his all-time favourite targets Rob Gronkowski, who retired this past offseason, but the problems go beyond that.

The Buccaneers have been dealing with injury problems since preseason, and that problem has followed them into the regular season, as their latest injury report before the Ravens game showed a number of key players having to be limited in practice, and some of them missing the game entirely. 

Tom Brady gets no blame from Bayless

But for FOX Sports broadcaster Skip Bayless, he thinks it might be down to the talent level that Brady has got to work with, as he explained on Twitter last night:

Brady threw for 325 yards. But by last year’s standards, when NFL players voted him THE BEST PLAYER, he wasn’t very good tonight. Just too inconsistent. Good throw, poor throw. But his supporting cast isn’t very good, either.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) October 28, 2022

A view that it’s fair to say wasn’t shared by many on social media, as they felt Bayless was making excuses for Brady when really it should be him taking the flak rather than the players he’s working with:

Brady Bayless tweet 2Brady Bayless tweet 3

Perhaps it is all down to Brady’s age catching up to him which is making his players look worse, maybe it’s down to the offensive line not protecting him due to their injuries, maybe it’s the playcalling, maybe it’s all of it, maybe it’s none of it. 

Whatever the problem is, the Buccaneers need to fix it fast or they will have little to no shot of making it into the postseason.

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