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UFC Bantamweight Champion Sean O'Malley Again Takes Aim At 'POS' MMA Managers

Newly minted 135lb champ, Sean O’Malley has been vocal about his disdain for MMA management. Now he is targeting a specific tactic that is commonplace in the industry.

Heading into his first shot at UFC gold at UFC 292, O’Malley was already ruffling feathers with his outright disdain for the way fighters are treated by management in the world of MMA. Even with the UFC anti-trust lawsuit, heavyweight champions leaving to pursue boxing fights, and the like, this was still a surprise from someone so young and early in their career to speak out in the way he was doing prior to his fight with Aljamain Sterling.

Sean O’Malley Goes After Big Management Fees

Just because Sean O’Malley is now the champion, having won that fight at UFC 292 by knocking out Aljamain Sterling, does not mean he is going to change in his tune on sticking up for fighter’s rights, particularly as it comes to management. In fact, he decided to get more specific with his jabs against the practices these agencies take with some of their fighters.

Taking to Twitter, O’Malley, who notable made the decision to start representing himself, fired shots at managers who take 20% of both the fighter’s purse and bonus money. While he did not name specific names, he made sure his feelings about the managers who take this route were very clear.

“There are managers that take 20% of fighters purses AND 20% of their bonuses. If you do this to the fighters you are a POS,” O’Malley wrote.

There are managers that take 20% of fighters purses AND 20% of their bonuses. If you do this to the fighters you are a POS.

— Sean O'Malley (@SugaSeanMMA) August 28, 2023

The topic of fighter pay and treatment has seemingly never been hotter, and Sean O’Malley is the latest to speak out against some of unfair treatment in the industry. Time will tell if he is able to create any sort of change during his time as champion.

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