Umpire Apologizes for Ejection of D-Backs’ Madison Bumgarner

Dan Bellino, the first-base umpire in the Diamondbacks’ matchup with the Marlins on Wednesday, took some heat after he tossed Arizona starter Madison Bumgarner during a tense exchange in the first inning.

Bellino issued an apology Friday for his actions in that game.

Wednesday’s matchup was paused in the first inning to allow for Bellino to dole out a routine check for sticky substances. During the exchange, it appeared that the four-time All-Star sarcastically told Bellino to take his “f—— time”. After that moment, Bumgarner was ejected and was furious.

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On Friday, Bellino said he felt remorse, citing a piece of advice he learned 15 years go when he started his MLB career. “I was told to umpire every game as if my children were sitting in the front row … I fell short of those expectations this week,” Bellino said. “While I can’t go back and change what happened, I take full accountability. I will learn from this incident, and I sincerely apologize.”

Bellino reportedly received punishment for his actions, according to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers.

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